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Navigating Monday’s Emotional Currents

Written by Jaimie Epstien It's Monday, April 22, & Moon is in Virgo, and just moved into the starspace or Nakshatra of Chitra. Earthy Virgo (how appropriate that today is Earth Day!) vibrates with the frequency of grounding our lives, with s ...

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Jupiter’s Wisdom and Cancer’s Energy

The Moon's presence in Cancer, specifically in the celestial domain of Ashlesha Nakshatra, invites us to embrace the divine feminine within ourselves, emphasizing qualities like compassion, forgiveness, and intuition. Regardless of gender identifica ...

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Tuesday’s Fire & Maternal Energy!

Today, under the fiery influence of Mars, we're diving into a cosmic shift as the Moon moves from Gemini to Cancer, supported by the celestial energy of Punarvasu Nakshatra. We're transitioning from heady Gemini to heartfelt Cancer, from intellect t ...


The latest version is here!

Hey Stara Fam!  We hope this message finds you well and enjoying the fantastic features of Stara.  We're reaching out to let you know that a shiny new version of our app is ready for you to experience.  Why Update? The ...


Healing from the outside in

“This week in the Stars” by Radha Home 29th May - 4th June 2023 This week begins with our Moon fresh in Virgo, reminding us to tend to the details of agreements we make with ourselves and others, and to organize and purify our bodies and en ...


Dreams from Earth

Perhaps you have not been showing up for yourself as much as you need to? Discipline comes from repetition, so focus on your good habits and there won’t be as much room for what drags you down. On May 26th, the Moon transits into Leo in the star ...


New Moon in Krittika: Illuminating Desire

On May 19th, at 5:53 am HT (8:53 am PDT), the Moon will join the Sun in the star of Krittika in Taurus. This is the place where the Moon is in its highest capacity to ground our emotions and feel peace within. Taurus has a slow pace that moves forwa ...


Slowing down

“This week in the Stars” by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga) 15th May - 21st May 2023 This week begins the Sun & Mars start fresh in feminine signs of earth & water. The Sun in Taurus focuses on gardening, cooking, sensual pleasure & ...