Illusive Vision

“This week in the Stars”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

20th – 26th March 2023

The New Moon in Pisces is Tuesday, March 21st and will be in Uttara Bhadrapada, where we have to swim in the deep waters for a prolonged amount of time if we want to truly wake up. With Jupiter and Mercury joined our Sun & Moon, our intellect and higher wisdom are fully on-board with our mind and consciousness, but what about our relationships? 

Unfortunately Venus is exact with Rahu in Aries and we may be seeing others through a distorted and magnified lens. If you think your partner is being selfish, notice the ways in which you may also be. Also, think before you speak. Mars in Gemini is pulling us into an argumentative dynamic and Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, causing us some confusion with our words. If we can remember our truth while staying with our own emotions and experiences, and not blaming or projecting on others, then we have truly integrated our spiritual practices. If we can only be at peace when others are not agitating us, then we must dive even deeper yet. 

This theme progresses and exacerbates as the Moon moves into Aries to join Rahu on the 23rd and 24th. On the 25th, we finally ground down with our Moon in its most stable and authentic place in Taurus. Here we can *mostly* focus on what we need to feel good, although the star of exaltation, Krittika, is the star where we “cut off” from others, particularly partners, and considering Venus, the ruler of Taurus is in the 12th house of this Moon joined Rahu, we may find our peace comes through separation. Sunday, the Moon moves into Rohini, where we may be driven by desire, jealousy or lust.  Just remember bull, the grass is not always greener on the other side…but sometimes it is.

The week begins with you circling back to community and your bigger vision, and noticing how you have grown in the last month. Tuesday and Wednesday you can expect to want to check out and escape. Pay attention to your dreams at this time as you are starting a new cycle of letting go and surrender. There is a lot you are avoiding right now, but you relationships are not one of them. With Venus riding in your first house joined Rahu, your identity is wrapped up in your relations (and your value), and there is quite a lot of projection and confusion here! With your ruler in the 3rd now, you are trying to will your way through upending disaster. Is it working? Maybe some new communication skills are in order?

The week starts off for you with you circling back to your focus on career and your responsibilities. Have you taken care of business this last month? Tuesday’s New Moon brings you a new cycle of community and your highest worldly ambition. This will involve home, children, creativity, communication and facing your fears to transform. As your ruling planet has just joined Rahu in your 12th, you can also expect to be strongly avoiding anything that smacks of too much work or effort. In this time, this can actually work in your favor, but the more you can cultivate healthier ways of escaping, and communicating, the better off you and your relationships will fare!

The week begins for you with a circling back to review on your higher beliefs and wisdom. Take measure of where you’ve grown and where you have stagnated. The New Moon Tuesday is setting off a cycle focused on your career, status and responsibilities, and your ruling planet is there too! Blessings can come from others and your home in this time, but you also must be mindful of Mars on your rising sign for the next two months. You may come off as aggressive or unsympathetic if you’re not careful!  

The week starts off with a focus on your fears, coming full circle from the New Moon last month. Do you feel more free? Try sitting with your anxious and fearful feelings instead of avoiding them. The New Moon brings a cycle of truth and wisdom that can help you access your identity, value, and some surrender. Perhaps you can even find your voice to share your wisdom with others. You may find yourself feeling some obsession over home and a desire to move over the next few weeks. Allow yourself to sit with this before making any big decisions. Also note any hidden anger and perhaps write down your dreams to work it out.

The week begins with you coming back to your relationships.What have you learned, if anything? If you are still creating enemies out of what used to be lovers or friends, you need to look at patterns you are repeating. This New Cycle is one of transformation, facing your fears and surrendering control. This is no easy feat for the lion, don’t lose yourself in the process. Venus and Rahu in Aries may have you obsessing over how taking care of your responsibilities can uphold your beliefs and ideals and Mars in your 11th is reminding you of the resource of the collective. You don’t have to do it all yourself, but you do have to be willing to compromise.

The week starts off with you circling back around to the hard work and service you must show up for in the world. Have you been tending to the details? The New Moon on Tuesday brings a cycle of partnership and relationships, connecting you with community, recognition, your own identity and also some disappointment or confusion. As your planet of transformation is transiting the 10th for two months, and your 9th lord of higher learning in your 8th, you may experience sudden unexpected events and shifting beliefs in the ways you take care of your responsibilities in life.

The week starts off with coming full circle back to your creativity and children. Where have you come? Have you been enjoying life and what you love? The New Cycle is one of hard work and effort for you, and will incorporate your career and status, community and also being in service to your higher beliefs. By showing up for the details, you will avoid some loss and disappointment. Your ruling planet in the 7th joined Rahu is causing some obsession of how other people see you in your relationships and some of your biggest fears are coming to the surface. Meanwhile, a lot of grace is running in this area and you may just meet someone through a class or something aligned with your beliefs.

The week starts off with a revisit of home. Do you feel more peace in your heart? If the answer is no, you may want to consider sitting quietly with yourself and getting real about your feelings. The New Moon is beginning a cycle of creativity, children and anything you love like a child. Through this you will be experiencing facing some fears around community, your status and recognition and your value, as well as connecting to your higher beliefs. With your planet of relationships in the 6th joined Rahu, you will likely be focusing on how it is through work and service that you experience your relationships. Transformation is imminent and you can choose if you want to surrender to the chaos or fight it but either way you are not in control!

The week begins with a cycling back to where you began a month ago, looking at how willful you can be and how much you place your value on what you do with your own two hands. Have you learned any new skills yet? The New Moon is a cycle of home and finding peace. This is a powerful cycle for you as your ruling planet (your identity) is joined, as well as your planet of partners and status/recognition, and your planet of higher learning and dharma. Through partners you may get creative or find yourself spending time with children over the next couple months and sometimes it will feel like a lot of work!

This week starts off with you coming back to the theme that began the past month, your value and how it is deeply intertwined with your identity. This New Cycle is one of willfulness and learning something new. Remember that while we do need to have a will to live and learn, we are not the doers ultimately, and we must detach from the results of our efforts. With your planet of disappointment, your planet of sudden unexpected events, as well as your planet of hard work and service here, this may be a challenging cycle where you have no choice but to learn this lesson in non-attachment. With Venus, the ruler of your creativity and career in the 4th, home is where the heart is and also the inspirational juice. Time to ditch the seriousness, get out the crayons and start coloring from the heart!

The week begins with you circling back to the theme of the month, You! How are you? Did you survive being focused on yourself? Ready for two more years of that? This New Cycle’s theme is your value. You will come face to face with your value in community, children/creativity and also your one-to-one relationships. Your creative energy is bringing you status and recognition right now. You are also feeling hyper focused on up-leveling home, peace in your heart and your wisdom or teachings at the moment.

This week begins with a revisit to the past month’s theme of surrender and loss. The New Cycle is one of your identity and your status and recognition through that, as well as your relationships, home, children/creativity and the hard work you must do to maintain all of that!
You may find some upsets financially and some intensity in the home, but that will bring you closer to your truth and your higher calling, so warrior up and remember that the good fight is not one that takes place between people.  

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