Govinda Oliveira

I am a lover of philosophy, spirituality, and healing. Apart from being a classical Odissi dancer and practitioner of bhakti yoga, I am a full time Vedic astrologer. In my consultations I endeavor to give clear insights to my clients, into various dimensions and phases of their lives. I help people accept themselves, heal, and grow out of subconscious fears and blockages. I am here to guide you through this wonderful and complex maze of your own karmic story.

Professional Experience

I have 7+years of consulting experience having worked with over 700 clients. I offer a range of 8 different types of astrological readings. My background of astrology is Parashara and Jaimini astrology which I have taken two years bachelors on, followed by advanced tutoring under the renowned Gajendra Goswami who is a 9th generation astrologer and Rameshta Prabhu, with over 45 year’s experience in the field.

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