Presence is Power

“This week in the Stars”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

27th March – 4th April 2023

Venus has passed Rahu at this point, and some of our illusions around our relationships and happiness may be dissolving. She is in the star of Bharani now, so we have to be particularly aware of our creative and sexual energy and where we are channeling it. Finding the balance between holding boundaries and allowing the energy to flow is the key to our creative pleasure.

Our Moon is traveling from late degrees Taurus into Gemini on Monday on the star Mrigasira, “the Searching Star”. Notice what you are seeking and recognize if it is outside or inside of you that it resides. The entire universe resides inside our minds and so does the capacity to change it. Tuesday, the Moon moves into Ardra joining Mars and we may encounter a storm or two. Focusing our mind on what we want, rather than what we don’t want can be helpful, as this is what we will propagate.

On the 30th, the Moon moves into Cancer and we will be more in our feelings than our mind. This begs the question is what we think more true than what we feel? This day, Mercury also transits into Aries, joining Venus and Rahu. This creates an exchange of signs between Mars and Mercury. It is important to share with others how we feel if we desire true connection. It is equally important to meet others with presence when they are sharing themselves.

April 1st and 2nd the Moon is traveling through Leo, bringing us back into our power and authority. If it is informed by a clear mind and the capacity to sit with our feelings, we can truly be kings and queens of our own being, the only domain we can ever actually rule.

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