The Heart of Compromise

“This week in the Stars”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

6th – 12th March 2023

The week begins where the last one left off, with our Moon in Leo, now in the star of Purva Phalguni, where she will be Full early in the morning of March 7th (4:40 am PDT). Purva Phalguni is the heart of Leo, where we are learning to enjoy the riches and reputation we have accrued, but to remember the little people who helped us get there as well. Across from Mercury, Saturn and of course, the Sun, in Aquarius, we are remembering the hard work and humanity that brought us to where we are and how having more means having to serve more. We also must seek beauty beneath the appearance of things and not just go for the prettiest bauble on the shelf. Mars being in the star Mrigasira in his last week in Taurus, will help us seek beyond the ego’s desires, as he gives his dristhi to this full moon.

March 8th the Moon has moved into Virgo, riding on the star Uttara Phalguni, where contracts must be made and agreements kept to maintain the fun and pleasure of the previous star. While we tend to the details for a few days, Venus and Jupiter across the way, remind us of the bigger picture, and the higher love that is possible. We want both, especially in our relationships. We need the earthly presence of showing up for what needs to be done to maintain the day to day, and we want the fantasy, and the epic possibility of touching God through our love.

Friday and Saturday, the Moon joins Ketu in Libra for a weekend of relating and also cutting to the heart of what might be our challenge here. This theme is recurring since March of 2022 and will continue until November 2023, so at some point, it’s a good idea to look at what you have been avoiding here. Saturday night/Sunday morning Venus moves into Aries, joining the North node, and we may find ourselves being less understanding in our relationships. The fiery and often selfish energy of Aries can be jolting coming out of dreamy Pisces and Rahu may cause us to fall into projection and Sunday afternoon brings us into an emotional Moon in Scorpio at the same time as Mars is finally exiting Taurus into Gemini after 7 months here!  We may be feeling some sadness and anger and this new Mars transit can cause us to see things in black or white terms and to speak quickly and harshly if we are not mindful!

Forecast for all 12 Signs

The week begins with the Moon moving towards full in your 5th house of creativity and children, with a dristhi from your ruling planet in your house of values. Perhaps you have been focusing too much on your monetary value and on what you want to make happen in the world at large, and are due to reflect upon what you truly love. Midweek you must show up for the details, particularly as they relate to your home and your heart. The weekend brings the cutting truth to the edge of your relationships.

The week begins with the Moon moving towards full in your 4th house of the home, your heart and motherhood. With your 7th lord, Mars, giving dristhi from your rising sign, you may be reflecting on the peace (or lack thereof) your relationships bring. You are also remembering the reason for all your hard work in your career is to create an environment where your heart can flourish. Mid-week, focus on your creativity and children and the reflection of how that helps you show up in community. The weekend brings you into the difficult work of compromise and where you still need to show up more. It also brings your ruling planet into the 12th, joining Rahu, so expect to check out and escape a bit over the next few weeks.

The week begins with the Moon moving towards full in your 3rd house of will and learning new skills to increase your value. This is opposite the cycle you have been in of higher wisdom and counseling. Perhaps it is time to turn towards up-leveling your communication skills. As the week progresses you may find the need to be at home and to check in with your emotions. The weekend brings you into your creativity and what you love. Mars’ transit onto your rising sign on Sunday may bring some you feeling the victim.

The week begins with the Moon moving towards full in your 2nd house of value and communication. You are trying to find security amidst the insecurity you have been navigating this month. As the week moves forward you will find the need to learn new skills, particularly organizational ones and the weekend will bring you into your home and your heart. As the ruler of the 4th and 11th moves into the 10th, you will begin to see how it is through your sense of responsibility that you create feelings of peace within and at home and find your tribe. As Mars shifts into your 12th house, you may find disappointment through what you love.

The week begins with the Moon moving towards full in your first house, and this might indicate that you are feeling your heart on your sleeve, yet not fully present with how you have been behaving. This is a reflection of the month of hard work and suffering you feel you have been mired in, and must elevate to finding more ways to serve. Note that your experience might be different from those you have been in relation to. As the week moves forward you must find your value and perhaps learn some new relational skills. The next few weeks should be dharmic for your career, as your 10th lord moves into the 9th house of higher wisdom and grace. It will also be a time where reaching out to the greater community can bring more peace and grace.

The week starts out with a the Moon moving towards full in your 12th house, indicating a desire to relax and escape some of the hard work you perceive you have been doing, particularly for your highest ambitions. As the week moves forward, you will come into how it is through your own identity and personality that you find community and the weekend brings you to examine your values and see how by facing your fears you find higher meaning, security and self worth. Mars’ shift into your 10th should light some fire in your career.

For you the week begins with the Moon in Leo moving towards full in your 11th house of community. This is opposite the New Moon a couple weeks ago in your 5th house of creativity and children. This is a chance to show up towards your highest ambitions. As the week moves forward, expect to meet some confusion and desire to escape. The weekend bring your heart, and reputation, onto your sleeve and asks you to examine your actions and manner of presenting yourself. As your ruling planet moves into the 7th for the next month, and your relationship planet into your 9th, expect your relationships to take front and center and to receive some grace here.

The week begins with the Moon moving towards Full in your 10th house of career, status and responsibility. This is a chance to swing the pendulum from the home and finding peace within to remember that you must also take care of supporting that peace. As the week moves forward, you will have a shift towards community and your higher ambitions and the weekend brings you to want to escape reality. With Venus moving into the 6th for the next few weeks, expect to experience a lot of work and challenges in your relationships. At the same time your ruling planet is moving into the 8th, and personal transformation abounds!  

The week begins with the Moon moving towards full in your 9th house of teaching and higher wisdom. This is an opportunity to remember the grace and ease in the midst of all the effort you have been putting in. The week moves forward to have you transform through your career or reputation and the weekend brings you out into the public eye. Children or creative endeavors will bring you community in the next few weeks, and also an opportunity to serve and through your relationships, you will experience more of what you love.

The week starts out moving towards full in your 8th house of transformation and fears. Your focus has been on security and its time to find that in the face of uncertainty. As the week progresses you will find yourself finding higher meaning and purpose and surrendering to grace. The weekend calls you to step into responsibility. The next few weeks are one where it is through your heart and home that you experience both your creativity and your external responsibilities and status. It is also a time where you may feel the hard work of up keeping your home and highest ambitions.

For you the week begins with the Moon moving towards full in your house of partners and relationships. This is an opportunity to see how you have been affecting those around you. You may feel a lot of work in your relationships and and the week moves forward you may have to transform to keep up with the details. The weekend brings you some peace and grace as you step into your higher beliefs. Your need to learn something new in order to maintain your peace is going to be present the next few weeks, as is the gift that your creativity will offer you in learning it. It may help your career too!

This week begins with the Moon moving toward full in your house of hard work and service. It is time to show up for the details particularly as they relate to your children or creative endeavors. As the week moves forward it is through one-to-one relationships and compromise that you experience your happiness and handle the difficulties. The weekend will ask you to transform. The next few weeks you will experience more transformation and less sudden unexpected events if you are willing to learn something new and listen. Expect to learn some lessons from the heart as your 9th lord of higher wisdom transits into your 4th house of motherhood, home and your heart.

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