New Moon in Uttarabhadrapada: Truth in the Depths

On Tuesday, March 21, 2023 at 7:22 am HT (10:22 am PST) our Sun and Moon are joined together for a New Moon cycle in Uttarabhadrapada in Pisces. This is the “Later Blessed Step” where we do the work of deepening our understanding of the awakening we had in the previous asterism, Purva Bhadrapada. There we had a lightning bolt of insight into the truth of who we are beneath our bodies and minds and here we must dive down into the depths of our own emotions to uncover what poisons in our subconscious are keeping us from this truth every day. Uttarabhadrapada is ruled by Ahir Budhyna, the serpent of the deep and indicates the path is through the poison to reach the Amrita, the immortal nectar of bliss.

With Mercury joined in this nakshatra, our intellect is willing to erase all the lines of cohesion in order to surrender into this truth, but our capacity to understand and communicate what we are experiencing may be less clear, as this is also Mercury’s most challenged place in the sky. Jupiter is also joined here, in the star of Revati, reminding us that peace is just around the corner if we can only get out of our own way. This is a good time to consult your dreams for the answers, as they are hidden from where our intellect can grasp. Hypnotherapy or somatic therapies can also be helpful.

With Venus closely joined Rahu in Aries, we may be so focused on our own spiritual awakening and the messages we believe we are receiving about relationships, that we forget to actually relate to others. Projections are likely in this climate, so beware that much of what you are perceiving, particularly in regards to others may not be true at all. You can receive the messages and also delay acting on them. Saturn is giving his cold, practical gaze here, reminding us to release our attachments to people, ideas and outcomes, but also perhaps increasing an anxiety or fear associated with our perceptions.

Mars is now squarely in Gemini and our need to be mindful of our communication is high. Disciplining our tongue can be difficult but if we set a goal to do this, it can be a way to channel Mars’ fire into something worthwhile. This can also be a good time to compete in mental games or to take a test. With this alignment we can quickly sort through facts and ideas and are inspired to “win”. The shadow side is cutting or harsh speech, arguing and a tendency to see things as this way or that, right or wrong, lacking nuance or perspective. This can be a particular challenge for relating to others and given the state of Venus, we may find ourselves or others setting our relationships on fire.
Happy New Moon!

New Cycle in Pisces Healing for Each Sign

Time to journal and pay attention to your dreams! Doing the deep inner work while also learning some new relationship skills will be helpful. If you are in a relationships, consider bringing your coupleship to a class, group or counselor. If you’re dating, try to take the time to get to know someone.

This cycle is asking you to dream big and write it down! Your highest ambitions can feel murky at times, so cultivate some clarity. Learn to be precise with your visions, words and ideas and they will manifest much quicker and effortlessly. Also, you’ll get what you actually want:)

This new cycle is one of responsibilities, so start filling out your calendar and start a schedule. It can be easy for you to get side-tracked, so lists, planners and story boards are all helpful. Also try to get out in public and mingle some.

This is a great time to follow a teacher, take a class or read a philosophical book that helps remind you of your dharma, your true path. Practice is the path, so begin now!

This is a time of surrender and the evolution of your fear. Metaphysical studies like astrology, transcendental meditation, tantra and energy work can all be helpful here. So can plant allies. This is a time to dive deep into your shadow and find liberation there.

This is a time for relating to others. If you are in a relationship, try going out to different places in your community and talking about what you envision for the future. If you are single join a dating site, or go to activities in your community where like-minded people might be.

This s a time of service and hard work. Volunteer for a cause close to your heart. Or begin a new dietary regimen or cleanse. This can be a good time for financial accounting as well. Mend any outstanding disagreements with others and be mindful about starting new ones.

This cycle is all about creativity! Get out the crayons, the clay and your imagination and begin making whatever your heart calls you to. Have fun, be playful and spend time around children if possible.  Creativity is also a sexual energy, see if you can find pleasure in everything you do.

This is a cycle where meditation can help you greatly. This can also be a time to reorganize your home space, create a meditation sanctuary with candles and sage or cedar, and allow more space and energy to flow within it.

This is a good time to learn a new skill or up level your old skills. Try to detach from the results of your efforts and just find the enjoyment in new interests and learning. This can be easier said than done, so allow some of what you learn to be about surrendering your will to something larger than yourself.

This cycle is all about your value. See if you can track it in different ways; financially, with your possessions and things you buy, what your values are (family and otherwise), how much you charge for your work (or are paid), and finally your self-worth. This is the key to the kingdom.

This is a new cycle on the self and will incorporate all the things you have experienced over the previous cycles. See if you can take stock of those before jump-starting into a new version of you. Journaling and remaining present in each moment can be helpful.

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