Air, Water, Fire, Earth

“This week in the Stars”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

20th – 26th February 2023

The week begins with the first steps after the New Moon, with our luminaries still in Aquarius. With the Moon moving past the Sun and out of Saturn’s range, we may start to feel lighter and find an awakening within ourselves as she enters Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra later in the day. This is the star where we are struck by the awareness that we are beyond this form and these mundane lives.

The Moon travels into Pisces, joining Jupiter and Venus on the 21st, offering us higher love, deeper wisdom and a capacity to release our attachments in a more watery and fantastical way than Saturn was granting over the New Moon.

On the 23rd, the Moon moves into Aries, joining Rahu and we might start to feel like acting on whatever we were dreaming up midweek. Be mindful of setting out in too many directions and with only a smoke signal to guide.

By evening on the 25th the moon will be exalted in the early degrees of Taurus, in the star of Krittika, where we are able to cut apart from our illusions and see with the help of the fire deity, Agni. Coming closer to Mars in the next day, we will see a spark ignited, even as our awareness and emotional states remain grounded and in the moment.

Forecast for all 12 Signs.

 Your planet of hard work and your ruling planet are both in Earth signs, highlighting your value and how much effort you have to put in to serve your higher vision. You are mired in your self worth in Venus’ sensuous sign of Taurus, and your relationship planet, plus planet of higher wisdom, are  causing you to check out into fantasy, escaping the details of your relations to others. The Moon is transiting from your house of community, to your house of illusion, to your house of the Self, into join your ruling planet in the house of your value, so expect yourself to run the full gamut of feelings this week!

The Moon is traveling from your house of career, status and recognition, into the house of community and higher ambitions, joining your ruling planet, showing how transformational your connections will be this month. You might find yourself checking out mid-week, as the Moon transits your 12th joining Rahu and enhancing your illusions and focusing on yourself and your relationships over the weekend. It’s your last three weeks of having Mars, your relationship planet blazing on your identity, so enjoy the fire!

Gemini, for you, this week the Moon moves from your house of higher wisdom and learning, into your house of career and status, joining your 7th lord, so establishing your value through relationships. Mid-week, it moves into your 11th house, where you may hyper focus on your value in society and feel some anxiety about that. Over the weekend, expect to escape.

For you, your ruling planet the Moon is traveling from your house of unexpected events, to your 9th house of higher wisdom, joining your ruler of home and community. Expect to feel uplifted. Mid-week, you might have an exaggerated focus on your position in society and how you are showing up and over the weekend, you will need to connect with others and be out and about.

For you, the Moon is traveling from your house of partners, into your house of unexpected events, joining your 10th lord. Since both these planets are in blessed state, perhaps it is a surprise that brings you other people’s money, or a new pathway in your career. Mid-week, you will perhaps receive some signs but take care not to make decisions on them quite yet. The weekend will be an opportunity to bring together your work and your higher purpose, but you may fall into fantasy or disappointment around it.

The week begins with your focusing on how much work you have to do for the greater good and to meet your highest ambitions, as well as what you love. You then step into a focus on your relationships and the peace and feeling of purpose you receive from them. Mid-week, you move into some feeling of being out of control and needing to transform and the weekend brings you deeper into what you believe.

For you the week starts off with your creative energy and what you love. As you move into the realm of hard work on the 21st, you will have the blessings of your ruling planet being exalted and joined the ruler. By showing up for the details, you prevent disasters as well as sickness, debts or inimical energies. On the 23rd, you will find yourself obsessed with your relationships with others and how they bring you status and recognition and the weekend will force you to transform in order to meet these relationships.

The week starts off with you at home and steps into your house of creativity and children on the 2st. Blessings will about in love and in doing what you love. The 23rd will bring you to over-exxagerate how much work you have to do and the weekend brings you with a heavy focus on partners and relationships.

The week begins with you focused on your will and how much you can bring your own value and beliefs together if you try hard enough. The 21st brings you into the home and feeling some of the extra work you have to do, as well as the feeling of community you may get from that. The 23rd takes you into what you love, your creativity and children. Be mindful of how many directions you set off in at once. The weekend brings you back into the work and recognizing how it is in service to what you love.

The week begins with a focus on your values and how your relationships reflect that. The 21st brings you a desire and grace, to learn new things to help your career, status, or manner of showing up for responsibiltities, as well as your creativity and children. The 23rd brings you an obsession with home and your feelings; simple meditation or breath work can help channel the energy to be more peaceful and less anxious. The weekend brings you into what you love, and how much peace it brings you.

The week begins with you feeling your own identity and how much work you have to do, particularly as it pertains to other people and your relationships. The 21st brings you into your values and how they affect your inner peace and home, as well as your higher beliefs. On the 23rd, you will find yourself focused on what you have to do with your own two hands, and the weekend will bring you to focus that energy on your home and career.

The week begins with you checking out, and then jumps into presence as you are faced with not just your ever-present self, but also your career, status and recognition, as well as some new skills you must learn to transform . The 23rd brings you a hyper focus on value and money and the weekend brings you into your higher beliefs and personal value through your efforts and willingness to up level what you know.

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