Humble Power & Higher Love

“This week in the Stars”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

13th – 18th February 2023

The Week begins with the Moon in her place of least stability in Scorpio. The emotional ups and downs and often inflated and inflamed fears here can cause drama, so tread carefully! On Valentine’s Day, she will also be in direct dristhi with Mars, the ruler of Scorpio, so we may warrior up and dive deep into our own shadows, or get passionate and fiery!

The Sun moves into Aquarius late on the 12th/early 13th and this will shift our sense of power and authority from the work we do with our hands to the work we do in the world and greater society. He is joining Saturn here, bringing leadership to join our willingness to commit and do hard work and our desire to get along when working with others. There may be some power struggles that drain our zeal here and Sun/Saturn conjunctions can be incredibly dehydrating, so drink lots of water!

On the 15th, the Moon passes through the karmic knot, the Gandanta point between Scorpio and Sagittarius, giving us the feeling of needing to uproot what doesn’t serve us in our relating by adjusting our beliefs and maybe learning something new. Venus moves into Pisces for the next month, to join the ruler Jupiter. While these two guru planets don’t always see eye to eye on what we are learning, our relationship planet is exalted here, bringing us to find love in the realm of spirit. This is love that is bigger than he, she or them and at times so expansive it fails to function in ordinary relationships. There can be a lack of presence with the details of our relations, and a lot of fantasy and projection if we do not ground this in a true spiritual practice. The highest blessing is an ability to find happiness without any attachment to people, events or things of this world.

On the 17th, the Moon joins Mercury in Capricorn, where we are learning to speak less and listen. Grounded, clear communication can be our ally here, but be mindful of being so direct that others feel more like a tool to get the job done than a human being with feelings and needs. There is a story of Mercury being born of the Moon, and we can see how the quality of our thoughts, ideas and speech come from the quality of our Mind. Do you feel pressure and operate in survival mode, or are you calmly doing each thing in front of you to eventually get to an end goal that you can tangibly see?

The 19th brings us into our New Moon in Aquarius in the star of Shatabishak, where the hundreds of eyes in the night sky can see the healing that must take place in our world. With the Moon waning to dark hemmed between the Sun and Saturn, we will dip into the Darkness, and then the Light will be revealed in the new day/week.

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