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Stara is a Vedic Astrology platform that offers personalized lifestyle advice based on your Cosmic Blue Print, by using ancient Eastern tools and sciences – such as Vedic astrology, Ayurveda, Yoga, and meditation. We cater to those who are passionate about astrology and wellness, but feel overwhelmed by the misinformation and cultural appropriation prevalent in the wellness space. We believe that you should have access to credible Vedic tools and resources that will support you in living your ideal life – one that nurtures your heart, mind, and body. Which is why we focus on both romance and wellness.

We want you to go through life with confidence in your decisions and assurances that your choices are right for you. That’s why we provide users with their unique Cosmic Blue Print and usage of our compatibility check tool for free.

The burden of wasting time and money on ineffective, appropriated practices often results in negative karma and causing damage to both oneself and those around you. And we’re tired of seeing it happen. Let us teach you how to use the sister science practices as intended so you can gain clarity, improve your wellbeing, and have peace of mind in the way you live your romantic, celestial life. .

Understand your true sense of self through your Cosmic Blue Print and use our compatibility check tool to gain valuable insights on your romantic, friend, and co-worker relationships. This is your unique life – we’ll provide access to the credible ancient Eastern tools that will help you make the best of it.

Birth Chart

In addition to the compatibility score, the Love Digits algorithm also gives you accurate astrological Birth Charts

25 Years Experience

The astrology computations were developed by Astrologer Prasannan, who has over 25 years of experience.

% Rating System

Your love horoscope results will help you determine whether a relationship, co-worker or friend is worth maintaining.

Compatibility Test

Use this tool to get your compatibility score, breakdown, and personality details from either an added partner, co-worker or friend.


How it works

Love Digits uses a unique astrological algorithm to give you the ability to find potential soulmates based on horoscope matching. All you need to do is ‘Sign Up’ by entering your birth date, time, and location, and let the Love Digits carefully formulated algorithm calculate the rest!


Indian Astrology

Jyotish or Vedic Astrology, is the science of understanding the subtle influences that come to us from the cosmos. Jyotish is based on the Sidereal Zodiac where most people have a different "sign" than in their Western charts. This means Vedic calculations are used to determine where planets are in space related to the constellations.


Vedic Numerology

The day of a person's birth has great significance, and people born on any particular day will have greater harmony with those born on days compatible with their numbers. The two factors being assessed in Love Digits are the Birth Number and Life Path Number


About Prasannan

The core Love Digits compatibility algorithm was developed by internationally renowned Vedic Astrologer, Prasannan. He has over 25 years of experience in astrology and was a lead astrologer with Mata Amritanandamayi, known as Amma the hugging saint, and toured with her globally for 20 years.

of Experience

Astrological Measures

Love Digits used Seven Astrological Measures in order to compute your compatibility score.



The Ascendant is your social personality. It is the part of yourself most readily shown to & seen by the outside world.



Your Vedic Sun sign is determined based on where the Sun was in the Sidereal Zodiac when you were born. The Sun changes zodiac signs every 30 days.



Venus is considered to be the planet of sex love, romance and enjoyment.



Your Nakshatra is the star that the Moon was passing through when you were born. It plays a major role in shaping our thinking patterns, inherent capabilities, & destiny.


Birth Number

The day you were born is the Birth Number. Your Birth Number determines your individuality and personality.


Life Path

It is the number that influences the course of your life and destiny. It represents who you are at birth and the native traits that you will carry with you through life

Birth Chart

The Birth Chart is the map of the sky, which includes the positions of the planets at the exact time you were born. To cast an accurate birth chart, exact time of birth, place of birth, and date of birth are needed.

Love Digits Birth Charts are displayed in the South Indian style, where the signs are fixed, and the 9 planets plus Ascendant are mapped accordingly. The squares represent 12 signs of the Sidereal Zodiac. The top left-hand corner is Pisces, followed in clockwise order by Aries, Taurus, etc.


See what people think about our personality and compatibility test and how it helped determine who they are compatible with and make informed decisions when it comes to selecting partners.


Prarthana Chaturvedi

The celebrity compatiblity checking feature is so cute! I feel like I could do it all day!

Ajay Bhadauria

Ajay Bhadauria

Love Digits has made my life easier! It's so handy that I can use it whenever I want. It's also very reliable because I don't have to consult other people for astrology anymore.


Rashi Gagrani

I was amazed by the app results. It’s like it knows me personally. Everything about me and my partner was on point!