Aries and Moon Love Forecast for May / June 2021

You have had love on your mind, for a while now. You have been appreciating your partner publicly, things have been good. But around the solar eclipse, your partner & your love life in general may experience a rough patch when Sun transits near R ...


Sun in Taurus May 14th

Taurus is being ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love, beauty & romance. It is also the natural significator of wealth & finances. So during this transit, people will concern more about luxury, comforts, and finances. Transit of Sun i ...


New Moon in Aries, Bharani Nakshatra (May 11th)

Bharani Nakshatra invites us to consider our behavior and motivation during this go around the planet. With the moon in Bharani, we can find the energy to let go of the things that are done.  It is a great time to look at things that have in fac ...