Surrender to the Truth

“This week in the Stars”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

27th February – 5th March 2023

The week begins with the Moon joined Mars in Taurus, activating our passion and courage, particularly in the realm of what we value and what brings us pleasure. Mercury has just entered Aquarius, where our ideas can take flight in directions we may not have realized where possible. We may feel some pressure in whatever area of our life Mercury rules and we may also experience some fear or hesitation around using our voice to speak up. On the 28th, the Moon moves into Gemini, opening up our mind and heart to all the future possibilities Mercury is discovering.

Venus is moving into exact conjunction with Jupiter on March 1st, offering us the highest glimpse into what is possible in love and happiness, even as the practical steps to get there may be shrouded in a sea of illusion and fantasy. Evening of March 2nd, the Moon moves into her own sign of Cancer, bringing our mind and emotions into a space where we can really feel everything. On March 3rd & 4th, we will have a dristhi from Jupiter on the Moon, giving us feelings of hope and inspiration.

March 5th, the week ends with the Moon in Leo, across from our Sun, Mercury and Saturn, reflecting to us the magnitude of our power within the limitations of how humble, hard-working and communicative we can be. Whatever has been holding you back, now is the time to recognize what you have to share with the world is more important!

For you this week begins with the focus heavy on your value and values. This has been a theme for the last 7 months really, and you are rounding the last couple weeks of this particular lesson. How does it feel to be valuable? Your relationships may feel like they are both elevating and deflating. Consult your dreams for insight. The end of the week is going to be heavy on the feelings and on Sunday, you will see the spark of how focusing on what you love to create can really light up the world.

The week begins with the Moon in your first house, bringing you into your last few weeks of wearing your relationships on your sleeve. Focus on how you feel with others, rather than who you think they are. As the week progresses you will find yourself transforming through your identity in community. Your will is not your own, and you will feel inspired to up level your skill set, particularly in the realm of emotions and feeling peace.

The week begins with you feeling some hidden anger and disappointment in your value and in society or your community. You will shift into your personal worth and maybe even feel a little vulnerable, more willing to share what’s in your heart. March 3rd and 4th, you can really feel how much your personal value is linked to your capacity to communicate what you feel and starting Sunday, you may feel inspired to learn something new in the field of relating.

The week begins for you with a focus on community and what your responsibility is to the greater society, and also how your higher ambitions bring you closer to what you love. On the 28th, you may feel like escaping into a world of ideas, media and your thoughts until the night of the 2nd. The weekend will bring you into feeling your emotions strongly and wearing your heart on your sleeve.

The week starts out with you focused on the disappointment you feel from your career. The remedy is to ensure that you are connecting to your higher purpose in what you do, al the way through. This has been a big cycle for you of finding both meaning and peace through what you do to show up in the world, but perhaps you are not feeling the status and recognition a king like you deserves? You have an opportunity to transform this, especially this week when Venus and Jupiter are exactly joined.

The week begins for you feeling how when you are aligned with your values and beliefs, you are able to feel a part of community, your relationships flourish and your are also able to feel peace in your heart. As the week progresses, you will be in your mind around how you are showing up in your responsibilities and career. Now is a time to really show up for the details and do the hard work!

For you, this week is one that begins with transformation and leads you into your purpose and how that translates to the status and recognition you carry in the world. Your ruling planet is exalted, in its highest place right now, yet it is in a difficult house, where you may feel all the hard work you have to do. By showing up for the details, you are mitigating the suffering as well as reducing the amount of unexpected surprises that come your way. The hard work and deep spiritual practice for you is about surrendering and allowing yourself to feel your feelings instead of staying mired in the rajasic realm of others and harmonizing with them.

The week starts out with a focus on your relationships and this is the beginning of the last couple weeks where you will be so heavily attached to this one area of your life, as your ruling planet moves out of Taurus March 12th. As the week progresses you will feel how your higher wisdom can lead you to transform if you only act on what you already know is true. You have a real opportunity to create beauty and higher love when you focus on your creative energy and nurture it. You are also very much focused on the home right now, and while you have been present with it as a job of sorts, this week as Mercury joins Saturn and the Sun, you will also feel the need to transform your community relations.

This week begins with you showing up for the hard work and seeing how it helps you transform and maintain peace over chaos. As the week moves forward, you will find yourself reckoning with the ways in which you can shift your relationships, perhaps being more intentional with your communication is the key to both love and career. You may be feeling your home as a place of both community and where you have a lot of work to do, and you also have the inspiration and open-heart to make that happen!

For you this week is starting out with the focus on creativity and children and how this brings you more connectivity in your relationships. It may feel hard as the week progresses but stay with your communication and try to release the stories and judgements in your head. The weekend brings you into feeling all the feels and hopefully peace in your relations before you face the transformation of your power Sunday and into the Full Moon.

This week starts off with a focus on your home, your mother (or being a mother), and finding peace in your heart. With Mars in Taurus for almost 7 months, you have felt unsettled in your emotions and work has been the primary outlet. What if you allowed yourself to feel your anger, and any other emotions that arise and sit with that instead of rejecting it as wrong? As the week moves on the focus is on your creative energy and maybe children. The weekend will bring you to really face the difficult emotions, the full range and to have unconditional love for yourself first and then others as you move into a more relational space on Sunday.

For you the week begins with you willfully transforming. You have no choice, but fortunately grace is on your side. Your relationships both intimate and communal might feel confusing to your right now and you are choosing to avoid them and also avoid the suffering and hard work that might come if you faced them. Try to surrender your ego and learn something new.

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