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Why Ascendant or Rising Signs

Albert Einstein’s Ascendant Ruler goes into his 10th house of career, recognition, and status. It very accurately explains why he was able to leave a fundamental mark on this world.

Ascendant (Rising Sign) represents us in our purest and highest form; it’s like a lens of our personality through which people see us. It embodies our natural reactions to things, objects, people and so on.

The first house in a birth chart is referred to as the Ascendant because it represents the degree of the sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of birth, at a particular place on earth where you were born.

The strength and house position of the Ascendant Ruler (Lord) in Vedic Astrology is one of the key points in a person’s horoscope. The placement of the Ascendant Ruler tells us where the person’s focus will be.

Our resident Vedic astrologer Radha Home explains how Ascendants are ideal to understand the personality of any human being and why we use them to base our weekly forecasts.

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