Pressure & Power

“This week in the Stars”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

10th April – 16th April 2023

We begin this week with our Moon in Jyestha, where we have the courage to release our emotions back into our bodies and let them be just that, sensations. Jupiter is giving his gaze from Pisces, helping us surrender to what is and stop struggling against the current. Saturn is also giving his colder stare, reminding us what holds we must sacrifice to be true to ourselves. With Venus across the way in her own earthly sign of Taurus, we are feeling how our relationships to others can either ground us or keep us from feeling completely embodied.

Tuesday, the Moon moves into Sagittarius, across from Mars, and we will feel inspired and also a bit fired up about our opinions and beliefs. On the 13th, the Moon transits into Capricorn and we still get Mars’ gaze, so notice how your thoughts create what you fear and also what you are willing to work towards. Bless the courage to put one foot in front of the other, despite all the things that stand in your way.
The weekend brings the Moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius and while the pressure may seem overwhelming at times, the Sun also just transited into his most auspicious place in Aries on the14th, giving us the strength of leadership and capacity to act on our own authority. Mercury and Rahu are still here, so be mindful of exaggerations of grandeur or suspicions about others trying to “take” your power. The time to step forward with both humility and courage is now.

This week brings some deep transformation through your emotions. You can focus on the work you have to do in the mental and physical realm, but you cannot escape your greatest demons, even by swallowing them. When the Sun joins Mercury and Rahu, exalted in your first house, you can step into the power your creativity creates if you can also remember to be humble and of service.

This week you are finding yourself and remembering what you love, while also being of service. There is much that is hidden from you right now, especially once the Sun enters your 12th house. It is powerful here, but you can only access this power from a place of surrender. Practice meditation, dream recall, and hypnotherapy and listen to the messages, they are telling you something profound.

This week starts off on a difficult foot, with a need to move from victim to service. Relationships reflect to you your value on the 11th & 12th. You are feeling the power of your will when the Sun moves into Aries, and how it can move groups of people and affect society. This can also bring you heavily into your ego, so try to remember that you are not actually the doer. With Venus in your 12th you may be escaping reality and focusing on what brings you joy.

The week begins with your heart focused on what you love and feeling some pressure from any relationships that are related to that, but also Guru’s grace reminding you of what is right and true. Tuesday, you move on to the hard work and struggles you have been suffering with and how you can be of service, but on the 14th you have the Sun, your sense of value moving into its highest place in your 10th house of external responsibility and status. You will feel your power, perhaps more than it truly exists, as it will soon be moving to join the north Node. Venus in the 11th is telling you that peace is outside your 4 walls and by finding your community.

The week starts off at home, with pressures looming from your partner or other relationships, as well as some transformational energy as you move through your fears. Focus on creativity and what you love  the 11th and 12th, and on the 13th and 14th show up for the details and get your hands dirty. Not he 14th your ruling planet moves into exaltation in your 9th house of highest dharma and wisdom. This will align you with your truth, yet can also exaggerate your importance and power, as Rahu is there.

The week begins with you feeling into the emotional effort required of you, receiving blessings from relationships and also a reminder of the hard work you must do to upkeep what you love. You’ll be feeling fired up on the home front on the 11th & 12th, and the 13th and 14th allow you to focus on your creativity and desire. The 14th the Sun also transits into your 8th house, giving you the power to transform your disappointments instead of blaming them on others.

The week starts off focused on money and your value, particularly as it relates to your career and status. Receiving dristhi from both your 6th lord (Jupiter) and Saturn (your 4th and 5th) you are likely feeling pressure from home and children as well as like a victim. You may be feeling ungrounded and out of control as your ruling planet just moved into your 8th house of sudden unexpected events. Do like a Taurean and eat some food. As the Moon moves into Sagittarius on the 11th you may try to will your way forward with your beliefs but others are firing back with facts and details. When the Sun transits into your 7th house, you will feel the power of the collective through your individual relationships. There will be more peace to be had towards the end of the week as you tap into the home, what feels good and your creativity.

The week begins with the Moon in your first, bringing some wisdom but also an awareness of the murkiness of your truth. Partners, Home and Creativity/Children are giving their gaze here, so try to surrender control and receive what is coming to you with clarity. The Sun transiting into your 6th house on the 14th is going to have you focusing on the hard work you must do to meet your external responsibilities and maintain your status and reputation, but it is in its highest position here, so heed the call!

The week begins with you feeling checked out and wanting peace. The 11th and 12th bring you back into your body, but you will be facing some fear and perhaps more emotional than usual. As the Moon goes into your 2nd house of values, the Sun is also transiting into your 5th house of Creativity and Children. Wisdom will be flowing when you tap into what you love.

The week begins with a focus on community and your highest ambition as a source for your one-to-one relationships to flourish. You may be feeling disappointment from your efforts, but also receiving the wisdom in that. When the Sun transits into Aries, you will be feeling your power on the home front, but also how much is out of your control. Focus on breathing exercises, Reiki and other metaphysical practices that can bring you to your peace. Both your power and how unsettled it makes you is going to be exaggerated (and eclipsed) over the next month, so get into a solid routine of managing your anxiety now.

The week starts off with the focus on your career and how much work and service it requires of you. Higher purpose, peace as well as money and community remind you it is worth it. The 11th and 12th  bring you into your value in community and the Sun’s transit on the 14th highlight how you need to up level your relational skills. You may hyper focus on the other person (or persons) in the next month, as opposed to what you need to up level. Don’t do that.

This week begins with you reflecting your own identity to yourself through your highest wisdom and reminding yourself of what you love (like children!). There is also a reminder of the disappointments you have felt through the collective and your community. The 11th and 12th bring you into how taking care of your external responsibilities bring you more creative energy. The Sun transiting into your 2nd house on the 14th will make you feel how much work you have to do for your money, possessions and value and also the power you feel when you do. The week ends on a more somber note for you, reminding you of all that is lost or has brought you disappointment.

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