May Horoscope For All Rising Signs

Written by Darinka Maja

Jupiter will be in your 2nd house – this is a positive transit. Jupiter in your friend – expect
increase in assets, wealth and finances. Family matters can be resolved. Mars will be in the
12th house, with Rahu, except hidden enemies you may blindside you – you may have
unexpected anger at something, ambition and impatience can be high, be careful of
vehicular accidents. Sleep can be disturbed due to the actions of people who you thought
were your friends.

Jupiter will be in your first house – expect a burst of inspiration and new opportunities in love,
creativity and education to come your way – confidence will be high. Venus, your planetary
ruler will move into your ascendant later on in the month giving you a great boost to your self
esteem. It may be time to book yourself in for that massage or facial! You deserve some self
care but be mindful of weight gain. Jupiter/venus in your 1st house can indicate too much of
a good thing, leading to health issues around excess.

Jupiter will be in your 12th house – your dreams may be prophetic or inspirational – Mercury
be direct this month so you can feel relieved – mercury will cross the difficult gandanta zone
and finally move out of debilitation and combustion, plans & projects that were on hold,
delayed or on the back burner can begin to move forward again. There may be competition
in the workplace with people stepping over you to get ahead. Don’t get thrown under the bus!
Enjoy good times with your friends. This month will be great for all your socials!

A great time for expanding your networks and social circles. A month of redefining your
goals. Your father may need some support this month. New moon will be in Aries, in your
10th house – expect some changes or insights in your career, the dark moon promotes
reflection which can reveal things previously hidden. The Full moon in Scorpio falls in your
5th house – a positive day, expect some unexpected good luck/good things to come your
way. A positive time for love affairs.

This is a great time for your career ! Expect a promotion and expansion in your workplace!
You will feel positive, confident and inspired. Fabulous opportunities are coming your way, so
jump in! This may mean you are spending less time at home, but it will be worth it! Mars will
be transiting your 8th house, – it can be a great time for research, occult sciences or delving
into some psychotherapy … Chronic issues may start to show themselves.

You are having a tough year Virgo – with some major changes and developments. As you
are already a sensitive sign, the lunar nodes this year are causing a great change in your
personal life and relationships. Your attitudes and viewpoints are shifting. This may be a time
where you decide to take up further study and expand your current skill set. Rahu and Mars
will be in your 7th house which causes disturbances to your marriage/relationship, and could

lead to breakups if the relationship is already troubled. Mercury will be direct in fiery aries, so
watch your tongue! Angry words once spoken cannot be taken back

For you, Jupiter will be in your 8th house – some unexpected gains / monies/ inheritances
may come your way. This can be a good month to organize your finances / income and
expenses. Be aware of some chronic health issues – Mars and Rahu will be in the 6th house –
Your mother may have some health issues this month
Venus and mercury in the 7th house puts a spotlight on relationships – this can be a time to
have a discussion.

May can bring stomach related issues as Mars and Rahu will be in the 5th house – a good
time for mantra practice – This is a very creative time and you will be feeling high levels of
motivation and ambition to achieve all your creative visions and endeavors. New love
affairs may blossom. Jupiter in your 7th puts a focus on longer term relationships – this can
signal conflict in existing partnerships, or perhaps a time of healing. The mind can be
unsettled with excess ambition and desires, doing mantra practice can help greatly to
channel the high levels of energy constructively. Work related stress can crop up – issues
with bosses and co-workers can arise.

A creative, fun and playful month, there could however be some tension within love affairs or
a romantic situation. There may be big changes happening around your home environment

either you are moving or renovating or travelling overseas. You may be feeling dissatisfied
with your work environment, there can be disappointments at work which may make you
question your role.
This can be a time for healing any health concerns which have been troubling you – litigation
and legal issues can begin to clear. You may feel strong creative vision and inspiration – it is
a time to express yourselves.

You may be working more from home this month, finances are highlighted, and the need to
manage your expenses. There may be some unexpected changes in your home which may
be costly, perhaps some time for home improvement. Avoid arguing with your bosses.
It may be a busy month with work related travel. You will feel energised, able to tackle issues
that may arise – a good month for your creative self expression – conception or childbirth may
be on the cards.

Strong desire to accumulate wealth and assets this month, and you can earn well, although
you may feel frustrated at some unexpected expenses. Your own efforts will pay off this
month. Your self esteem/confidence will improve as well, and you will gain some new ideas
to improve/expand your business. A time to focus on your food intake – make sure you are
eating well.

Be careful of harsh and angry speech and disputes within the family. There can be lots of
short distance travel this month as well as some changes/renovation/improvements at home.

This month puts a focus on the family – female relatives may trouble you, there can be
conflict at home, issues with finances and money. Unexpected obstacles at work may arise
due to the changing nature of your workplace, but overall this will lead to improvements.
Mars will be in your first house which can make you feel energised, aggressive and
competitive. Using the right strategy to avoid conflict is advised. There can be conflict and
clashes in your marriage/love relationship this month and a feeling of lack of peace due to
Rahu/Ketu and Mars influence to the 1st/7th house axis. Expenses can be higher and avoid
risky speculation.

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