Tuesday’s Celestial Exchange: Navigating Mars-Jupiter Swap & Moon’s Journey into Capricorn

Written by Jamie Epstein

It’s Tuesday, April 30, & moon is in Capricorn, in the starspace called Uttarashadha, which transported & supported moon as it journeyed from sag into cap, from the ethereal world of our beliefs & inspirations into the earthy practicality of grounding them, of making our dreams a reality. For Saturn’s rulership of Capricorn gives us the discipline to play the long game, to make lifestyle changes in the now so we can & do reach our goals later.

“Just because improvements aren’t visible doesn’t mean they aren’t happening,” wrote “atomic habits” author James Clear. “You’re not going to see the number change each time you step on the scale. you’re not going to finish a chapter each time you sit down to write. early wins come easy. lasting wins require a lifestyle.”

What adjustments do you get to make in how you roll on a daily basis? what do you need to take up? give up?

Uttarashadha is the counterpart to yesterday’s Purvashadha, the 2, you might say, of the 1-2 punch of these two asterisms. whereas Purva was all about our early victory (“Purva” = “early” or “former”), about owning our dream & giving it space to unfurl, Uttara is about our latter (Uttara) victory, about continuing to nurture it until eventually but inevitably we see the results of our attention & intention, our dream blossoming into full-blown gorgeousness.

It’s the seventh lunar day (tithi), the seventh phase of the waning moon, which gives us the steadiness to stay on the right track & (spoiler alert!) just might offer up lessons in humility that release our egoic, negative tendencies if we get off-track.

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, our fighting & get ‘er done spirit. right now Mars is in Jupiter-ruled Pisces & Jupiter is in mars-ruled Aries. it’s like they’ve done an Airbnb swap—both of them have an enlightened self-interest in leaving the other’s home at least as good as if not better than they found it. which means we’ll be taking the high road, fighting philosophical/spiritual rather than physical battles, although Tuesday is always a good day to get physical—go for a run or hike, purge basements or closets or garages of excess, steam-clean your whole dang house.

And that’s your daily bliss! which is a sort of lunar weather report. may it allow you to align with the day’s cosmic energy so you can find & create a little more bliss.

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