Unleash Your Inner Warrior: Tuesdays with Mars

Written by Jamie Epstein

It’s Tuesday, May 14, & Moon is in Cancer, in the starspace or Nakshatra called Ashlesha. Cancer is the sign of the divine feminine, of our unconditionally loving nature (to greater or lesser degree!).

“Love is not a matter of getting what you want. quite the contrary. the insistence on always being satisfied, on always being fulfilled, makes love impossible. to love you have to climb out of the cradle, where everything is ‘getting,’ & grow up to the maturity of giving, without concern for getting anything in return.”—Thomas Merton, from “Love & Living

Ashlesha invites us to be vigilant about what might be poisoning our life & to transform that poison into medicine. Ashlesha works like homeopathy, in which a bit of the disease becomes the cure. If we are not eating healthfully, the antidote is obvious. But maybe not so much with emotions-people-situations, in which the cure comes from inquiry into why they’ve shown up, what they’re meant to teach us. Coming up with an answer is the first step (or maybe the last!) in becoming unentwined (“Ashlesha” means “entwiner”), in freeing ourselves from that whatever & moving on.

It’s the seventh lunar day (tithi), the seventh phase of the waxing moon, which is ruled by Indra, he of great courage but who learned the lesson of humility the hard way. This tithi gives us courage to fulfill our dharma & will also create situations to teach us humility, get us back on track, if necessary.

Tuesday is ruled by mars, our warrior spirit.

Did a British Neonatal Nurse Kill Seven Babies? “warriorship is a continual journey. to be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment of your life.” – Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Which means that true warriorship means fighting the enemy/enemies within – our limiting beliefs & negative tendencies – rather than turning the people around us into enemies out of our own frustration with ourselves. How’s that going?

And that’s your daily bliss! which is a sort of lunar weather report. May it allow you to align with the day’s cosmic energy so you can find & create a little more bliss.

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