Embrace Your Intuition: Moon’s Wisdom on Mondays

Written by Jamie Epstein

It’s Monday, May 20, & Moon is in Libra, in the starspace or Nakshatra called Chitra. Libra vibrates with the frequency of relationships, the transactional kind, which means pretty much all of them – the ones related to business, the ones related to pleasure. Libra brings focus to making sure we are getting as good as we are getting – not in a “tit for tat” way, not in an “I did this for you so you need to do that for me” way, but in a generally balanced way. no excel spreadsheet should be necessary.

Chitra always reminds me of Michelangelo, who chiseled away all the marble that wasn’t “David” to reveal the “David” within. This asterism message is that our greatest work of art is ourself & that our creative process entails our commitment to chiseling away away all that is not ourself.

“There are a lot of people in this world who live their lives hoping to be told where to paint. they’re saying, ‘give me squares I can paint in or wash with water, just don’t ask me to create something myself.’ but we’ve been given the opportunity to express ourselves—to paint beautiful pictures with the strengths we have inside. each morning, we can choose to be the most fantastic version of ourselves. ignore the numbers. paint outside the boxes. paint what’s in your heart. paint the most dazzling version of who you are.”—Prem Rawat, from “hear yourself” 

Need I say more?

It’s the thirteenth lunar day (tithi), the thirteenth phase of the waxing moon, which is said to remove all shortcomings & increase all auspiciousness—woo-hoo! This tithi supports us in accessing the fourth state of consciousness (turiya), strengthening our connection to our own inner guidance so we can see things more clearly. It can also speed up material or spiritual progress, but sometimes too quickly for those who aren’t ready, who haven’t laid the groundwork, been doing their homework. too much of a good thing isn’t always a better thing!

Monday is ruled by the Moon, which is our intuitive nature, our heart-knowing. In Sanskrit the word for heart, “hrdaya” (ह्रदय), means heart-mind. The expression “I knew in my heart that it was true” could be moon’s mantra. It’s a good day to work our muscle of intuition, trust our heart.

And that’s your daily bliss! which is a sort of lunar weather report. may it allow you to align with the day’s cosmic energy so you can find & create a little more bliss.

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