New Moon in Makara, Shraavana Nakshatra

January 31st, 2022 The New Moon will take place in Makara (sidereal Capricorn) in Shravana Nakshatra. The influences on the New Moon give an indication of general themes that will color the month ahead. Shravana is considered to be the birth s ...


Purnima in Karkata, in Pushya Nakshatra

January 14th, 2022 Pausha Purnima (Full Moon) takes place on the 17th at 5.17 pm IST or 6:48PM EST in Karkata (sidereal Cancer) in Pushya Nakshatra. Symbolized as an udder of a cow, Pushya Nakshatra has meanings of bountifulness and motherly care ...


New Moon in Dhanu, Purva Ashada Nakshatra

January 2, 2022 Dhanu (Sidereal Sagittarius) - Sign of new ideas, principles, philosophies Purva Ashada - Enthusiastic and persuasive energy The first New Moon of 2022 launches with a seed of renewal. There’s a growing regenerative energy hidden w ...


Purnima in Mithuna (Mrigashira Nakshatra)

December 18 / 19, 2021 10.05AM Sunday in India or 11:35PM Saturday in New York.This final Purnima of 2021 finds itself in Mithuna (Sidereal Gemini), the sign and original placement of communication. December’s Full Moon is also known as the Cold ...


New Moon in Jyesthta Nakshatra and Total Eclipse

December 04th, 2021 We have a total solar eclipse happening today, December 4th in the sign of Sidereal Scorpio.Mumbai – 10:59 am – 3.07pmNew York – 12.29am – 4.37amA total eclipse happens when the New Moon aligns exactly between the Sun and Eart ...


Full Moon in Aries, Ashwini Nakshatra

October 20, 2021 The beautiful bright Full Moon in the lunar month of Ashwin marks a very special Full Moon (Sharad Purnima). This night is dedicated to the divine goddess of material and spiritual prosperity. It is believed that she grants bless ...


New Moon in Hasta Nakshatra, Sidereal Virgo

6th October, 2021 The New Moon takes place on 6th at 4:35PM IST or at 7:05AM EDT in sidereal Virgo in Hasta Nakshatra.This New Moon marks the culmination of the ancestral fortnight of Pitru-Paksha, which began on Tuesday, September 21st. Today is ...


Full Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra, Pisces

21st September 2021 The Full Moon takes place on Tuesday 21st at 5.24AM IST in India or Monday 20th at 7:54PM EDT in the US. The full moon is in sidereal Pisces in the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra.The lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadr ...


New Moon in Purva Phalguni, Sidereal Leo

7th, September 2021 The September New Moon takes place on 7th at 6.21AM IST in sidereal Leo in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. If you are in the US, it will be at 8.51PM EDT on September 6th. A new Moon is the first primary Moon phase occurring at the mom ...