New Moon in Sidereal Aries, Bharani Nakshatra

April 30th / May 1st, 2022

This Eclipse will be on April 30th, midnight (May 1st, 2022) between 12.15am IST to 4.07am IST

Each New Moon represents a union between cosmic forces that create physical form. But twice a year, when the Sun is within 17 degrees of the lunar node, that New Moon also becomes a Solar Eclipse. This means that the union is not just by longitudinal degree, but by latitude as well – A three dimensional alignment of Earth, Moon, and Sun; or in Vedic terms the body, mind, and spirit.

As far back as you can look in history, you’ll see superstition and fear surrounding the “dark” omen of eclipses, who steal the light from our luminaries. Everyone loves to talk about “shadow work”, but hardly anyone loves it while they’re in the jaws of the shadow. This eclipse is joined Rahu, the ascending lunar node, which has an amplifying quality like speaking into a microphone. If you don’t learn how to use it, you’ll just be making noise.

Aries is an environment that originates from the planet Mars, which corresponds to the part of ourselves that feels like willpower, independence, and the ability to put ideas into action in the moment. If you struggle with asserting & focus, whether that means “too much” or “not enough”, you have karma to work out with Mars, and the eclipse will expose the unconscious aspects of that karma.

The element of fire (Aries is a fire sign) relates to our passionate and reactive response, based on animal instinct or past conditioning. Fire is a source of light, which creates a sense of distinction and separation.

This section of the sky is called “Bharani”, which means to bear, support, or cherish. The symbol of Bharani is the Yoni or female reproductive system; the womb. This portion of space is governed by the Vedic deity “Yama”, who was the first person to die and carved a path to give the dead a place to rest. When you die, Yama evaluates your actions and measure your karma, determining what path you will go down next. So birth and death are both prevalent. It’s a crossroads, so to speak. Can you feel the weight of the moment without letting it alter your authentic expression? What comes out when you turn off the filter?

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