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Purnima (Full Moon) in sidereal Leo (Simha) in Magha Nakshatra

February 16th, 2022

Magha Purnima is auspicious for new beginnings and changes.  The next few weeks will show a return to the teachings that we know are right and need to be put into practice.  “Truth is like a lion, it does not need defending. Set it free and it will defend itself”

What does Full Moon in Leo mean?

We are invited to connect to contemplate on our relationships to themes like Power, Authenticity and Generosity.

What does Full Moon is Maha Nakshatra mean?

Symbolized as a royal throne, Magha Nakshatra is a lunar mansion that has meanings of authority, the recognition of lineage and of family duty. They refer to our teachers and the ancient teachings. Therefore, the next couple of weeks can show a return to the teachings that we know are right. There is a natural influence for activities such as stepping into power.

What can you do?

This is an auspicious time to fondly remember and pay respect to loved ones that have departed.

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