Magha Amavasya, New Moon in Sidereal Aquarius

March 2nd, 2022

The New Moon following Maha Shivaratri takes place in Khumba (Aquarius) in Shatabishak Nakshatra.
The influences at the moment of the New Moon give an indication of general themes that will characterize the next 30 days.

The lunar mansion of Shatabishak means ‘the one hundred healers’ or ‘the one hundred cures’. It has meanings of healing and also of healing crisis. One of the symbols of Shatabishak is an empty circle, which holds meanings of the relationship between containment and boundlessness. The month ahead may bring a situation of containment that allows for regeneration. This may take the form of retreat, either self-directed or imposed. These limitations may be a part of a healing cycle or a situation that involves the removal of impurity followed by integration and then greater wholeness and clarity.

Shatabishak Nakshatra is associated with the sky, and as such it is expansive and visionary. This may be a time when old predicaments are seen with an innovative eye that looks past trivial concerns such as culture, class and nationality. Shatabishak is governed by Rahu, the ethereal and non-conformist North Node.

The chart for this New Moon is read from Aquarius, where the Sun and Moon join. The planetary ruler of Aquarius is Saturn, and Saturn is in the 12th house, joined by Mars, Mercury, and Venus. The four planets that gather in the 12th house make it prominent and powerful. Among its many attributes, the 12th house is considered a hidden house. It governs retreat and containment. It is a house that mirrors some of the primary traits of Shatabishak, a nakshatra that among its various names is called ‘The Veiling Star’. The 12th house is also a house of ending, loss and of locations far away, where these may be themes that characterize this month.

These things being said, this may be a month when one may feel very much in the world yet not of it. Also, within a situation of containment or of being hidden there may be healing that takes place.

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