Navigating Monday’s Emotional Currents

Written by Jaimie Epstien

It’s Monday, April 22, & Moon is in Virgo, and just moved into the starspace or Nakshatra of Chitra. Earthy Virgo (how appropriate that today is Earth Day!) vibrates with the frequency of grounding our lives, with solidifying our foundation. Virgo invites us to focus on the micro, take care of the myriad deeds that allow us to live our lives, wants us to balance checkbooks, pay bills, clean out gutters & pick up yard detritus after a late spring snow, put seeds in the garden, give away clothes, scrub floors, make dental appointments, recommit to healthy eating & exercise habits, etc., etc., etc.

“You are the artist of your life. don’t give the paintbrush to anyone else.” Iva Ursano

It’s the fourteenth lunar day (Tithi), the fourteenth phase of the waxing moon, which is the penultimate Tithi before the full moon, tomorrow, in Libra, so we are probs full to bursting somehow, some way. what are you bursting with? How does that feel?

Monday is ruled by the Moon, who is changeable by nature, is always waxing more, as it is now, or waning more, & represents our emotional body, what’s going on inside, which is always changing, right? I mean, one minute we feel this, the next that, isn’t it? the key is to flow smoothly from one emotion to the next without getting stuck, without attaching, identifying with it. Can you feel sorrow without being sorrow? can you be a river rather than be drowned by it?

And that’s your Daily Bliss! Which is a sort of lunar weather report. May it allow you to align with the day’s cosmic energy so you can find & create a little more bliss.

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