The Most Potent Week of 2023!!

“This week in the Stars”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

17th April – 23th April 2023

The week begins with Jupiter joining the Moon for his last few days in Pisces, where he’s been since April of 2022. Enjoy the watery peace, before you step forward into the fire. On the evening of the 19th, early morning of the 20th, the Sun and Moon will join the North Node, Rahu in a hybrid solar eclipse (both partial and total, depending on where and when you witness it). Happening in Ashwini, the first of the 27 nakshatras, this is a time to set off in a new direction, one you have been aligning towards. Be aware of the illusions and delusions that surround you, particularly pertaining to your power. As it is the Sun being eclipsed, and in his most exalted place in the sky, we will be experiencing a reset on our power, and more capacity to act on our own authority, but also some confusion about how much we actually do on our own. Mercury is joined here, and about to go Retrograde on the 21st, so we may have to review some of the facts and figures, our understanding of them, as well as how we communicate to others.

On the 21st Jupiter moves into Aries, beginning a cycle of more certain action on our beliefs. As he is traveling through the Gandanta point, the karmic knot, there is something we must finish if we are to move forward with our actions aligned with our deepest knowing. The more we have dissolved our ego and surrendered the fruits of our actions, the more we will set off in the direction that is truly aligned with Truth.

April 22nd (& 23rd) the Moon is in Taurus, where she is also exalted. This day is celebrated as Akshaya Tritiya, where both luminaries are in their highest position in the sky. Akshaya means “never diminishing” and Tritiya is the 3rd lunar phase, which after the New Moon in Aries, produces both an exalted Sun & Moon. This day is said to be powerful for starting new ventures, purchasing gold or other investments, and making offerings/prayers for the abundance of particularly men. This is not the best day to get married, as the nakshatra of exaltation for the Moon, Krittika, is where the wives of the sages were cast off from their husbands for perceived infidelity. As it is on the heels of an eclipse, Jupiter is in the Gandanta, and Mercury is Retrograde, we would be wise to also take care in any other investments as there may be delays and confusion within our discernment and clarity. Instead drop into your relationship with Pure Consciousness through meditation and prayer and if there is a move you are meant to make, source it from that place

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