Healing & Feeling

“This week in the Stars”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

8th May – 15th May 2023

This week begins with Moon in Sagittarius, receiving a gaze from the ruler Jupiter in Aries. A lot of the trauma and drama of the last few weeks is behind us and we are just coming out of the cloud of illusion that has covered us in the eclipse portal.

May 10th Mars enters Cancer, his point of debilitation. If you have been trying to win arguments with your quick wit and short temper, now you will be trying to lose them in order to gain sympathy, lol. Mars in Cancer can be passive aggressive and weepy, lacking the strength and confidence for discipline or courage. Notice how this plays out in your life. Hopefully, you’ve cultivated regular daily practices for times like these.

May 14th Mercury stations direct, hallelujah! Everyone cheers as the planet most blamed for all your problems moves forward, and you have to realize he wasn’t really the biggest player in your drama after all 😉

Hopefully you learned a thing or two about communication along the way. The 14th/15th also bring our Sun out of Aries and into Taurus, where we may be less interested in power struggles and more interested in food, pleasure and home. Self care and laziness can get mixed up in these times with both Mars and the Sun in signs that don’t create a lot of fire within. The Moon in Pisces at this point is going to add to the sensitivity, so take a swim, tend to the garden and hang out with friends you feel good around to mend your easily hurt emotions.


This week feels lighter with the heat of the Sun out of your first house, & your planet of hard work & suffering moving direct, so you move forward. Be aware of how you are willing things forward, using words to create the reality you want. Your ruling planet, in your house of home & the heart is incredibly uncomfortable. Weep, but do not fall into victimhood or manipulating others with your emotions. You may feel like being home more. Try meditating. Some big upsets in your home space are coming, stay with yourself & let your highest wisdom guide you!


This week is focused on money, & your higher purpose, career, & getting your gifts out into the world. Your ruling planet is in the 2nd house, making the motivation both living your values & creating actual value. The Moon, the ruler of your willpower, & desire to learn new things is transiting your houses of metaphysical studies (like astrology), higher wisdom & teachings, career & responsibilities, & finally ending the week in the place where you want to connect to community & your highest vision for the world.


This week begins with a heavy focus on your relationships & the value you receive from them & ends with you feeling the fire move off your person. You may feel like you need a rest! Your ruling planet moves direct by the end of the week too; try to take more conscious steps forward, particularly towards your biggest goals! You’ve been burning the candle at both ends and finding yourself somewhat melted from it all. Chill out, relax & try to stay out of arguments:)


This week starts off as a difficult one for you, as you navigate the aftermath of facing some of the harder things you have been avoiding. Much of your attention will be on other; both suffering & service to others, commitment to others & sudden unexpected twists in your relationships. Stay with yourself. Mars moving into Cancer may not be the best placement for your planet of creativity/children & status & reputation, but it does bring what you love right to forefront for you!


This week you move from wisdom to responsibility. While everyone is lazy with the Sun in Taurus, your ruling planet is in the house of career & responsibilitiy & the pleasure-full, hands on earth sign of Taurus is where you step into your power & social status. Get crafty & productive in the gardens & with raw materials, & take steps to bring your gifts to the world. Forward motion on finances, community, & your bigger vision is all coming now too!


This week begins you feel your highest desire from home to contribute to the world, to your relationships. Notice what happens when you focus on what you love show up for the hard work mid-week. Your ruling planet is finally moving direct on the 14th, giving you a chance to truly transform your identity & your reputation by surrendering control. With your ruler of higher wisdom in the 10th, bring your highest purpose together with & show up for your responsibilities!


This week begins you desire to learn new ways to show up in your career & responsibilities. Your ruler is now in your 9th house, the chaos is settling & the dharma is beginning to seep in. How will you live your truth? You have an opportunity through your relationships to align deeper with your beliefs & teachings & you also have an opportunity to transform your presence in community if you can let go of trying to make sure there are others who align with you & just trust that the right people will be there at the right time!


This week begins you find hope & inspiration through values & maybe through money. You will find yourself unleveling in the home & remembering what you love. Your ruling planet moves into your 9th house of higher wisdom & dharma, but is debilitated here, look out for passive aggressive behaviour masquerading as truth. If you go along with it to avoid making waves, it isn’t faith, it’s fear. Your community transforms & you may need to transform with it, release control. Again and again, Scorpio, release control.


This week begins with you feeling emotional & having to summon the courage to feel your feelings. As the week progresses you will move into more peace with this. You may find your relationships become more difficult and require more work as the week comes to an end. Lean in and transform it to service!


This week you feel some ennui, or maybe depression, particularly with relationships. Mid-week, you action up with others & feel more connected. Your planet of career & creativity has shifted into the house of hard work & service, show up for the details to mitigate a lot of suffering. You were made for this! Mars in your 7th house suffers from a lack of courage & discipline, notice how your relationships in community &/or with a partner can become more aggressive, or passive aggressive. This will irritate you. Meditate.


This week you will experience a gamut of wanting to be out in community, wanting to hide, & feeling how much your service and value are seen by others. Roll with it. Your creativity will bring you many rewards of peace and connection to truth. It might feel harder to step into your responsibilities by the end of the week, but by finding peace in your heart & mind, you will be able to find some sunshine in the eyes of another.


This week you are moving from being responsible, to being social, to checking out, to feeling all the feels. It’s an odd experience to move from the outside in, but we all need to cocoon at the end of a long run! Money & family values is still a big theme for you, as it will be for the next year, but notice how now you have some transformations & sudden unexpected events happening on the home front but also infinite blessings by stepping into your creativity & what you love!

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