Me or We

“This week in the Stars”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

1st May – 7th May 2023

This week begins with Mercury retrograding right into the Sun on Monday. We may experience that we are not being heard, or we may not be fully listening ourselves!

The Moon will have just crossed into Virgo from Leo, the two signs ruled by Virgo and the Sun, so expect some feelings to arise!

The star that bridges these two signs is Uttaraphalguni, ruled by Aryaman, the best friend or more precisely, the one who introduces the bride and groom, and it is about making contracts (or marriage), so be mindful of what you agree to and if any middlemen are actually helping!

May 2nd, Venus joins Mars in Gemini, creating some sexual tension in our mind and thoughts. Do we want to connect, or do we want to argue…both? May 3rd, the Moon moves into the path of Mars’ one-way gaze, giving us some fire on what we want to manifest on the Earth plane.

May 4th, the Moon moves into Libra, joining the South Node, Ketu and preparing us for the Lunar Eclipse. They will be in exact conjunction just before 12pm HT (3pm PDT) in Swati, so make sure you are welding your sword from a place of power and self-awareness, and not swinging at every phantom. You may find yourself feeling cut-off from your emotions here, particularly in relationships, and maybe more than just a little self-righteous with Jupiter and the Sun across the way in Aries, and Mercury Retrograde bringing miscommunications!

The actual eclipse will be on the morning of May 5th, and will have us finding our own path through the woods, even as we attempt to recalibrate in our relations with others. The 6th and 7th bring the Moon in its most emotionally tumultuous place in Scorpio, with the ruler 8 houses from it, asking us to face our biggest fears and release our sense of control over others.


This week you face the hard work of compromise, contracts & not just getting your way all the time. Other people push back, & you realize that there is no “we” if it is always “me”. Mercury unfortunately retrogrades you back over issues you thought were resolved and agreements you thought were already made. Time to clean up the mess once & for all & hear what the other is saying. The Lunar Eclipse will give you the feeling of home through your relationships, & the awareness that old patterns of avoidance can cut through your presumed peace at any moment.


This week brings your ruling planet into your 2nd house of money & values on the 2nd, fix your attention on that subject for the next few weeks! You may have some debts to pay or be about to get in some debt, & you may also be finding your own value through your service to others & any ways in which you feel like a victim. With so many planets piled up in your 12th, you are not totally present with the details, but this Lunar eclipse will force you out of your slumber & teach you some new skills like asking for help


This week you go over the old ground with your home/living situation, as well as with your identity within community. When the Moon transits Virgo 1-3rd, perhaps some new agreements will be made. This Lunar eclipse will bring you into your creativity, children & what you love like a child, & also help you find your value, but it will also remind you that if you are not fully living within your values, it will come out in sudden & erratic ways too, if you keep ignoring it.


This week asks you to be organized, precise & make some agreements. You feel like you are going over old ground, & likely you are because you do not pay much attention to this is area. Transiting the 9th, it can & will be dharmic for you to embrace this as a time to review any old contracts & revise or make new ones. The more precise you can be, the more everyone will feel good in the end. This Lunar eclipse in your 4th house of home, the mother & peace in your heart forces you to look where you do not want to & reminds you that avoidance brings more pain.


This week you find yourself in a personal (likely internal) battle between yourself & the world. Who is on your side? What is your value, inherent & actual?  The community has a lot to offer you in term of career/status, home/peace & learning new things. This is a good time to reflect upon whether you are living your values in line with your beliefs or if they have gotten lost from one another. Be aware of any contracts or financial dealings you may be entering on the 1-3rd. This Lunar eclipse helps you learn to surrender your ego & become less attached to the results.


This week you feel a continuation of the total lack of control from last week, & at this point you may even be enjoying it! With the Moon as your 11th lord of community & highest ambitions riding in your first house at the beginning of the week, you may find yourself opening up to the world around you. You are facing old fears around relationships, identity, career/status, & learning how to let go. The Lunar eclipse will bring you into your value in society & force you to look at the ways in which you have been valuing yourself for better or worse.


This week you deal in spades with your career, reputation/status & the disappointment you feel through that. Let go of your attachment & be mindful of agreements or contracts you make. Others send some pressure, analyse if its what you really want & is it in your best interest. Consult your dreams & meditation for answers. The Lunar Eclipse brings you into your own identity & what you have not been looking at through this. What seems “out of the blue” is what you have been avoiding. Wear your heart on your sleeve & allow yourself to see yourself truthfully & without shame.


This week you are still riding the torrents of having your ruler in the 8th house of what you can’t control & so many planets in your 6th house of hard work & suffering. The Moon in Virgo will be placing your heart in community & striving for what you most desire in this world & the week ends with you wearing your heart, & your status/reputation on your face, so allow yourself to surrender to what it is rather than what you want it to be. The Lunar Eclipse is happening in your 12th house of loss, disappointment, confusion & ultimately letting go.


This week is one that begins with your focus on your career & reputation & offers you some courage & discipline to manifest creative ways of taking care of your responsibilities. Be mindful of the agreements you make in the beginning of the week & who they are with. The Lunar Eclipse is forcing you to look at what you avoid in community, compromising with others, & allow yourself to find the balance between “me” and “we”.


This week begins with your focus on higher wisdom & teachings. Venus moving into your 6th house to join Mars brings your creative energy & capacity to take care of responsibilities into the realm of hard work & service & this will reflect upon what you believe. Be like the Makara, observe before you make a move. The Lunar Eclipse is happening in your 10th house of career, status/reputation & external responsibilities & is of your 7th lord of relationships and compromise. What have you been avoiding?


This week begins with some unexpected events that have you dealing with the difficult details. Your creativity & passion is fuel for your fire. With your planet of both highest truth & home & the heart moving into your 5th house of what you love, it is by embracing that where you the blessings, peace & even status & reputation come. The solar eclipse asked you to level up your skill set, & the Lunar Eclipse is going to force you to remember your faith & wisdom. It’s ok to ask for help from teachers, counselors or mentors.


This week you are finding what you love through relationships with others. Allow your beliefs to bring you courage & discipline in your relations, rather than arguing & judgement. The Lunar Eclipse is occurring in your 8th house of unexpected events & facing your fears, & it is through facing your fear of getting bogged down in the mundane aspects of relating that you get taken by surprise. Wield your sword of independence, & also know when to lay it down and surrender.

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