Dropping In to Truth

“This week in the Stars for all 12 Rising Signs”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

19th – 25th December 2022” 

We begin this week with the Moon joined Ketu in Swati, the sword of discernment right in the middle of Libra. Here we are being asked to cut through the illusions of our mind, feel the truth of our emotions and be decisive in spite of all the noise of others. As the Moon moves into Vishaka on Tuesday, we begin to walk what can feel like a lonely path (in that we are no longer seeking validation from others) but one that will yield great results over time. This is also where the Moon moves into a state of debility when she gets to the Scorpio part of this nakshatra, where our mind and emotions can become fettered in the darkness that inevitably surrounds us when we get far into the path and lose our way. Emotions may be a bit of a roller coaster, so allowing yourself to feel what is real (your feelings) and then allow them to be spoken with honesty and clarity to those whom you need to share, without blame. If we can learn to master this, our communication can become full of grace and ease, rather than fraught with tension and struggle.

The trick is to recognize you do not have control over other people’s mind and emotions and then really deeply understand that again and again until you embody it. With Mercury, Venus and the Sun all in Sagittarius now, we need to be careful of spiritually overriding other people’s feelings and giving them a “fix-it” maxim instead of the care and consideration they may be needing. Wednesday we will feel more devotion which will slowly turn to an internal fire and courage as the night progresses and we move into Thursday, when the Moon moves into Sagittarius and begins its final descent into darkness in the star of Mula, “the root”. This is where we will uproot old beliefs and make room for new ones, more established in truth, hopefully. The New Moon is early in the am for those of us in North America on Friday and will set off a new cycle of hope and inspiration and teachings, particularly as they relate to relationships and communication, as both Venus and Mercury are joined this Sun and Moon. On Saturday, Christmas Eve and Day, the Moon joins Saturn in Capricorn, bringing our mind back to the limitations of bringing those hopes and dreams to reality and the hard work and commitment necessary to make that happen. Be mindful to not just listen on the surface, but to allow your hearing to be both expansive and deep, bringing awareness to what is left unsaid. As Mercury is now beginning to pause to rewind next week, it is time to slow down our words and allow ourselves time to reflect upon what we are hearing and learning.

Aries: You are beginning the week with the focus on your relationships, particularly how they make you feel. The debilitated Moon moving into your 8th house of fear and sudden changes will force you to face some shadows but the New Moon will bring you a lot of hope and optimism in your relationships and in how you show up for life’s challenges. The holiday will bring you face to face with your career and how you commit your time in the direction of your responsibilities, status and recognition.

Taurus: This week begins with some hard work you must navigate, and the the new skills, particularly emotional ones, you are learning through this. The middle of the week will focus heavily on relationships, as has been the them for you since August! Be mindful of letting your fears get the better of you as the moon passes through its point of debility. Thursday, the Moon will be darkening into your 8th house of transformation, so expect the unexpected this month! The weekend will bring you back to your higher teachings and beliefs, how those are connected to the way you show up in the world, and what you are truly committing your time and effort towards.

Gemini: This week is starting off with compassionate communication through what you love and want to create, but with Ketu joined be mindful of being too cutting! As the Moon moves into Scorpio, you will feel the effort of communication arise. This is the realm of what brings you to your hardest work, and service, facing the fear and transformation necessary to achieve your highest worldly goals. When the Moon moves into Sagittarius on Thursday, your focus will be on your relationships. The New Moon in the early hours on Friday begins a new cycle of relationships that brings you to your own identity, and your heart, as well as what you love and your dreams and also illusions. The weekend will bring you some unexpected events and having to face your fear of losing what you build with others but also to your highest beliefs and ideals and the realistic, humbling work it takes to mitigate disaster.

Cancer: The week begins with your ruler in your 4th house of home and heart, joining Ketu, you may feel some disgust that makes it feel hard to feel peace. As the Moon moves into Scorpio Tuesday, you will find yourself more focused on children, creativity and what you love. Thursday the Moon moves into your 6th house of hard work and service, showing how you must show up for others in order to find your value, your peace, your will, as well as your community. This new cycle is one of hard work and service, and taking care of yourself and your physical well-being is the first order of business! The weekend will bring you into your relationships and commitments to others.

Leo: For you the week begins feeling willful and discontent and moves into a focus on the loss and surrender you feel with your home and your sense of peace. On Thursday, the New Moon is in your 5th house of children and creativity and you will find yourself setting off a cycle that brings you back to your external responsibilities through this creativity and also your own identity, value and community. The weekend brings some hard work and showing up for your commitments, particularly the hard work you must do for your relationships You may feel some disappointment, but you may also take care of enough details where you can feel also some freedom.

Virgo: the week begins in your house of values and money and moves into your house of will and ego on Tuesday. This will help you find your tribe. Thursday, the Moon moves into your 4th house, joining your ruling planet and 10th lord, so you are going to want to be home and working! You will also find opportunities to raise your value and possibly receive some good luck from home or land. The weekend will bring you to recommit to what you love and how that helps you connect to your true community.

Libra: the week begins with you wearing both your heart and your career on your sleeve, but a somewhat critical heart it will be! On Tuesday, the Moon moves into your house of finance and values and you may feel insecurity around your value and how you attain status and recognition in the world. Thursday, brings the Moon into your 3rd house of will and ego and learning new skills, and it is though up-leveling this skill set that you will achieve your career goals. This new cycle will be about this, as well as how your willful nature can bring you community, identity, teachers or positions of teaching and also some disappointment. When the Moon moves into Capricorn on Saturday, you will likely need some time alone to do what you love.

Scorpio: The week begins with you avoiding your truth and moves immediately into an inability to do that on Tuesday! You will wear your heart on your sleeve Tuesday and Wednesday and then on Thursday, the focus will be on your values, family and financial. This new cycle set off this month is one of value, so don’t forget that it is not just about money, but also your inherent value, as in your own self-worth! Through this lens you will experience partners, disappointment and also career, service and community. The weekend brings you both the feeling of commitment to what you believe, as well as the feeling of peace and home, through personal will and effort.

Sagittarius: This week begins in your house of community and the transformation you experience through your highest ambitions. On Tuesday, the Moon moves into your house of escape and letting go, so don’t be surprised if you feel some loss and disappointment and also a desire to check out. Thursday the Moon moves onto your rising sign, moving to dark before setting off a new cycle of Self for you. This cycle also will involve partnerships, hard work/service, community, and your highest beliefs and teachings. The weekend will bring you commitment to your values as well as some feelings that your finances are out of your control.

Capricorn: This week begins in your house of career, bringing you to your relationships through your status. On Tuesday, you will find yourself experiencing relations through community and groups of people. Thursday, the Moon moves to dark in your 12th house of escape and letting go, setting off a new cycle of detachment, loss and freedom. Through this you will experience your creative energy, your career, as well as your service and dharma. The bonus is you will also avoid upheaval by this act of surrender. The weekend will bring the focus back to you and your partner or relationships will be centrally located:)

Aquarius: The week begins with your focus on what you believe and your highest teachings. Tuesday, you will find yourself focused on the hard work you have to do for your career and status. On Thursday, the Moon moves into your 11th house of community and you will feel how you can serve your highest ambitions. This is a new cycle of community for you, and brings together your higher purpose, home, children/creativity and partners/relationships, so be prepared to be way more involved than you have been the last few years with your ruling planet in the 12th this month. Although not quite this weekend, as Saturday and Sunday bring you to escape the hard work of emotional connection by checking out and hiding.

Pisces: The week begins with you having to show up for what is transformational for you, compromising with others. On Tuesday, you will  find some grace through your highest beliefs and ideals. Thursday, the Moon moves into your 10th house and sets off a cycle of career, status and responsibility through which you will experience children/creativity, hard work/service, sudden unexpected events, and also your relationships and home. The weekend will bring you a commitment to community and finding what you love through that.

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