Emotional Power

“This week in the Stars for all 12 Rising Signs”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

12th – 18th December, 2022” 

The Moon is finishing its run in its own sign of Cancer on Monday with a strong energetic gaze from Saturn on it, into Leo on Tuesday, with a fiery one from a still-Retrograde Mars Retrograde! By Friday it will be moving through Virgo, ending on Sunday in the early degrees of Libra in the star Chitra. This is a bit of an emotional roller coaster in the beginning as we are in touch with our feelings and might be feeling some depression or sadness, then becoming more fiery, angry and entitled for the majority of the week, until the weekend, when we can start to get organized (and perhaps a little nit-picky!)

Sunday will bring us into sociable Libra in the star of Chitra, where it is difficult to not be seen! The Sun, the ruler of Leo, is also changing signs, moving from the hot waters of Scorpio into the realm of our highest beliefs and ideals in Sagittarius. This is a tricky leap of faith, as our power and authority cross the Gandanta point with no guiding star! This is a karmic knot that can keep you twisted if you can’t untangle the root of what moves you. Dream big, and dig deep.

Aries: This week begins with you at home and finding peace in your heart and then begins to focus your energy on your creativity, what you truly love and the value it has for you. This is a big theme for you right now, as your ruler is internalizing in the house of values and you are being asked to review what you have considered important, as well as how you determine your own wealth. The weekend will bring hard work and blessings of hope and will reward you with some beautiful and alluring relating on Sunday;-)

Taurus: This week starts off with you feeling like you are moving one step forward and then falling two steps back. Allow yourself to feel all the feels. As the Moon transits your 4th house on Tuesday to Thursday, the feelings may go from sad to mad, so slow your roll and stay with yourself. This can be a great time to get to work on any projects from home or to practice yoga, exercise, meditation, and cook! On Thursday evening, your 4th lord is moving into the 8th, joining your ruling planet Venus and Mercury, so be prepared for sudden shifts with your home or car and try to trust that in the end, it will all be ok. By the weekend, you will be feeling more playful and hopefully can dive into what you love despite the chaos!

Gemini: The week is beginning with you heavily focused on your values and probably money. As the week moves forward, your Will will be King! Watch out for being too willful or forceful, particularly with your words. As the week surrenders into weekend, you will likely need some rest. Perhaps organizing the home space and sorting out your feelings will be in order. Sunday, look to get playful:)

Cancer: This week begins very self-focused and probably wearing your heart on your face:) As Tuesday comes, expect to get more fired up about finances and responsibilities as your 10th lord of career is giving energy to your ruling planet (the Moon) in your 2nd house of money and values. What do you truly value? Right now you are really building up energy in the realm of community and wanting to manifest your creative potential from that place. Expect to have to put in some elbow grease when your 2nd lord moves into the 6th on Thursday! It is hard work to build your dreams:)

Leo: This week is a big one for you, Leo, as the Moon is riding on your rising from Tuesday through Thursday, wearing your *hidden* heart on your sleeve, and then your ruling planet, the Sun itself, is moving signs from the 4th house of home to the 5th house of children and creativity. Expect to feel unsettled but also it is a leap into more fun. Your 10th lord Venus is already there, joined your 2nd lord, Mercury, so career, money and now you, are all manifesting from what you love. Gotta dig up some roots to plant the seeds of what you truly want!

Virgo; The week is beginning with a focus on community and then you can expect a period of having to really move through some disappointment and loss around community as the Moon transits your 12th house. You may have some unresolved feelings of anger around this. This is a week to just surrender and let go. As the weekend comes, you’ll feel your people coming to you, even as you will desire to make your home a little escape hatch from life with your 12th lord moving into join your ruling planet and Venus in the 4th house of home. Look for the root of what brings you peace, what you believe and how you find your value in the world.

Libra: The week is beginning with your attention on career and your status and recognition in the world. As you move through the week, you will find that from your community, your tribe. As the Sun transits into your 3rd house, notice your tendency to be willful about creating your tribe, about your identity, beliefs, and notice the disappointment and unexpected turmoil it can cause in your life if you’re not careful. Now is a good time to plant seeds of efforts that align with what you truly believe and what transformation you wish to make personally and collectively.

Scorpio: The week is beginning with you feeling like a counselor and moving into a focus on your career. When the Sun moves off your rising sign and into the 2nd house on Thursday night, you will fid that the focus is largely on money and how that translates to meeting your external responsibilities and maintaining your status. This is a period of focus on money and family values, even while your ruling planet continues to retrograde in the 7th house of partnerships. Nothing is manifesting on that front, yet everything is backing up. For now, just allow your energy to go where it knows and the time will come when your relationships will finally move forward, for better or worse.

Sagittarius: This is the beginning of a chapter about yourself, and while you have already had hard work, community, partnerships and career move into your first house, they will now be joined by your very powerful beliefs and teachings. Allow yourself to examine the roots of what you believe and let that inform all the other areas of your life. As the Moon is your 8th lord, you are always transforming through something different every few days, and this week it will be the universal realm of higher teachings, career and community.

Capricorn: You have also had a full ship recently Capricorn, and now the planets are off-loading into your 12th house of escape, loss and surrender. It is time to rest. You may find disappointment if you don’t find allowance, so soften your lines, my hard-working friend and let yourself be a little lazy. The focus (and pressure) is still on you, but you can allow many areas of your life to quietly take a nap right now, while your partner or other relationships tend to the various other areas of your life. Rest easy!

Aquarius: While your ruling planet still resides in your 12th house of escape for another month, your planets of home, beliefs and teachings, and now partnerships are all moving into the 11th house of community, so expect company, whether you’re ready or not! Meanwhile the Moon regularly moving through the sky shows how much work you are always doing in service of all the areas of your life and this week it will be largely focused on the work you do for others, particularly partners.

Pisces: For you this week begins on a sweet note, where you feel your ruling planet’s gaze right on the Moon in your 5th house of creativity and children and then mid week you have to work for what to love. You may find some inner anger arises, but your strong beliefs will help channel this into productive effort. By the weekend, you will be ready to hang out with your partner or other relationships and blow off some steam, but you will only relax so much because your planet of hard work, the Sun, will enter your 10th house of career, and you will have to start digging in the dirt for your worldly responsibilities!

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