New Moon in Mula: The Root of our Relations

On December 23, at 2:16 am PDT (3.46 pm IST) the Moon and Sun will come together in sidereal Sagittarius in the star of Mula, “the root”. Mula is ruled by the goddess of destruction and chaos and shows us where we must rip out the roots of what we have been doing that hasn’t been working. When we see this comes after Scorpio, we know that the root of our problems stems from fear. Our highest fear is not that we will die, because we know that will eventually be. Our highest fear is that we are going to lose those we love or that they will reject us, or worse, we will not be loved at all… that we will not matter. Much of what we believe depends on how we navigate this very real feeling. In Sagittarius we often come up with philosophies and ideals that bypass this fear and “make it better”, but what if instead the highest truth was to embrace our fear and allow it to co-exist with our highest ideals? Instead of over-riding our pain to reach spirit, what if we planted roots of understanding and compassion that incorporate our grief, anger, and joy; our range of humanness accepted in that which we call godly?

With both Mercury and Venus, our relational planets joining our Sun and Moon this month, and Mercury about to go Retrograde, we will definitely get to see just how much of what we believe is built upon bypassing our own pain. In order to find intimacy with one another, we must be willing to go to the root of everything, which is actually in the feelings. We can think, idealize, philosophize and realize all we want, but if we are unwilling to actually feel, then we are as lost as we have ever been. Venus is in Purvashada, where we can plant new seeds based on solid ideals in relationships, and she will be moving into Capricorn on the 29th, bringing us into humility and practical, grounded relating that is capable of commiting. Mercury, is getting ready to Retrograde in the star of Uttarashada, where we begin to reap some harvest from our efforts in our communication. When he begins his perceived backward motion, we will likely have to take a few steps back and review how we have been sharing ourselves with others. Is it mainly thoughts and projections, or are we truly relating? As Mercury is moving into Capricorn on December 27th, right before going Retrograde on the 29th, and then back into Sagittarius on the 30th, we are likely to think we have found some solid ground in our words and ideas, and then have to go back and review the belief systems that we are discerning things from.

Mars Retrograde is giving his one-way dristhi (gaze) from Taurus on this New Moon, showing that we are still a little angry beneath the surface, particularly about the ways in which we perceive others have kept us from our discipline. It is our own passion and desire that has been the obstacle, but one of the biggest shadows of Sagittarius is an inability to “own” our shit and a tendency to bring everything to some kind of universal reality. Be careful, because this still-simmering volcano beneath the surface may be the very thing that is at the root of the chaos you create in your relations!

Happy New Moon!

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