Virgo Ascendant and Moon Forecast for June 2021

UttaraPhalguni, Hasta, Chitra Nakshatra

Right now the most important theme for you is your love life. You could be facing some commitment issues in your relationship, and there can be a lot of confusion due to all the retrogrades affecting your relationship. The best thing to do right now would be to take advice. With Rahu and Saturn’s impact you can be ignoring some red flags, so find a third neutral party who gives you honest advice and sincerely hear them out. Someone from your family can be a good choice for this.

There can also be some friction in your family at this time. In the current transits you could be saying things without thinking. Be patient with them. If you are married, then in marriage as well multiple transits indicate a feeling of detachment. As a remedy for improving this friction with your family & spouse, use more yogurt in your diet, and also use turmeric & yogurt based face packs to strengthen your Jupiter and Venus. Another thing you can do is, give some roses to your partner, your spouse at this time.

With the Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde happening in your 9th House, you really have to make sure you are not doing anything to offend any spiritual people, guides, mentors or your father. Try to keep things calm and respectful with these people. This can seriously affect your luck in the upcoming months.

Professionally June is a good month for you. You will feel appreciated at work. One thing you need to care for is to ensure that the communication with your boss remains positive. As there can be some confusion or even debates with the boss.

On the health front again, you can face some troubles due to overeating or eating too much junk food, so try to opt for a more healthy natural diet. Give up on sweets and desserts for a while and try to work out.

Nakshatra Specific:

Uttara Phalguni Natives

It is a good time for you if you are a student and if you are working if exotic or foreign subjects. If you are searching for a mentor currently for any aspect of your life, it may not be a suitable time for that, you can face obstacles in that search, and I would recommend trying after Mid-June. Take care of your parents this month, they need your support. In terms of love life, this is the month for sharing your sorrows with each other, and listening to each other’s struggles.

Hasta Natives

You have to be especially attentive to your communication style right now. Communicating without thinking can cause obstacles for you in your partnerships. Your friends and your father are your well wishers this month. If you are facing any obstacles in life, talking to them will help you. Your Mother or your partner may face some health issues this month, take care of them.

Chitra Natives

This is a highly positive month for you. A lot of planets are situated to bring you wealth and success, make the most of this time. Your love interest, your friends and your family is highly supportive of you. The only thing where you can improve a bit is your routine. Try to work out more and eat less sweets. Also help animals and your employees, as and when you get a chance. You can also pay for their meals.


  1. Gift yellow roses or any yellow flowers to your partner. 

  2. Add yogurt & basil to your diet this month.

  3. If you are looking to find yourself a mentor, or a new educational course, wait till after mid-june to make a final decision.

  4. Try to stay calm when speaking to your family. There can be some friction and arguments with them.

  5. Pay for the meals of your employees if you have people working for you.

  6. If you are into a new relationship, find a neutral third party for advice. You could be ignoring some red-flags.
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