Expanding towards Illusion

“This week in the Stars for all 12 Rising Signs”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

26th December – 1st January 2023

This is the last week of 2022 and it promises to bring us to some profound wisdom if we allow it. We begin the week, on the Monday morning with the Moon still joined Saturn in Capricorn, moving through exact conjunction. A continuation of solitude, peace and commitment are all possible. So are remaining feelings of sadness, pressure and loneliness.  By afternoon the Moon will shift into Aquarius, where it will remain for 2 days. Here we will feel the movement, and perhaps a desire to bring our energy out into the world, although the seriousness may remain. On Wednesday, the 28th, the Moon will shift into Pisces, joining Jupiter where we will find ourselves floating in a sea of inspiration and hope after so much work. Mercury is joining Saturn in Capricorn on this day, offering us grounded and humble communication, for a day. On Thursday Mercury begins its Retrograde cycle, and we will find ourselves backtracking over old communication and ideas for the next few weeks. Venus is shifting on Thursday into Capricorn, herself, so our attitude in relationships will be more humble and practical, lending assistance to our faltering communication. Mercury will step back into Sagittarius for this cycle on Friday, so expect to evaluate the beliefs and biases at the root of what you think you understand. Be willing to listen and consider that you may not be right. New Years Eve brings our mind and emotions into a field of illusion, and likely delusion, so be mindful not to exxagerate what you think you see and experience. Remember with delayed communication at the helm, misunderstandings may be rampant. 2023 certainly starts off with a bit of haze, that could get irie, no intoxicants needed, so be mindful of your breath, your body and where you send your creative energy as some choices cannot be unmade.

The week begins with a focus on career, what your biggest ambitions are and how you connect one-to-one with people through your status and recognition. Mercury Retrograde is a period of deep introspection through your beliefs on how you cause yourself (and others) suffering and how that can become healing if you allow it. The end of the week can become confusing and the start of the New Year, quite emotional. Staying home could be good. Staying sober even better.

The week starts off with deep learning and turns into a focus on your career, status and recognition. Your ruling planet’s move into your 9th is a welcome shift from the 8th house of sudden unexpected events, expect to feel the alignments shifting mid-week, especially as the Moon joins Jupiter in your 11th house of community. There may still be some communication pitfalls you need to examine, however. Stay with yourself and allow yourself to listen to others. New Years can get pretty deep into the illusions for you, and the disappointment may hit home on the 1st day of the year, so be mindful of how far you let your imagination go!

This week is one of great shifts for you, as your ruling planet is moving from your house of partners to your house of transformation, only to go retrograde back into your house of partners, lol! You may feel like you are on rewind, and in many regards you are. What did you not learn the first round? How much of what you understand about others is based in projection rather than wisdom? With the Moon transiting your 9th and 10th houses this week, you can expect to feel the abundance. New Years celebrations can be social and connective, but be mindful of the illusion of how much value you are bringing to the table!

The week begins with your identity caught up in that of others and the transformation they help you experience. When Mercury moves retrograde, you will likely find communication extremely difficult and confusing. Try very hard to hear what people are actually saying and not what you want them to be saying. The second half of the week will feel more hopeful and graceful for you but be aware of New Years eve and day and over inflating your own identity through the house of status and recognition.

This week begins on the note of hard work and service for you. Saturn has been keeping you here for the past 3 years, and the Moon, as your 12th lord, is actually bringing a sense of freedom from your efforts. The work you put it in is often in service of others and it will precisely those others that may disappoint you. Mid-week you will have Jupiter’s grace to face your fears and the New year is off to a start in the direction of your highest truth. Messages may come through your dreams.

The week starts off in service of what you love and the community you experience from committing to that. As it progresses, you may find yourself needing to show up for the hard work, even while you feel yourself moving backwards in time. This may be a good time to revisit your home and ideally the beliefs that do or do not bring you peace. Mid-week your heart will be focused on one-to-one connection and New Year’s will bring transformation but could also bring you flirting with danger!

For you the week begins with your commitments at home and moves into how your creative pursuits help elevate your status and career. Mid-week, you will find yourself wanting to do what feels good, but also having to work hard for your recognition at work. New Year’s is all about relationships for you. Be mindful of Rahu joining the Moon and projections or fantasies you may have about partners or others and what they are feeling.

The week starts off with your commitment to learning and growing in an effort to find truth and then moves into a focus on home and feeling nurtured. Mid-week you will enjoy children and creativity and feel the abundance that comes from what you love, but New Year’s may bring up an exaggerated vision of how much work is put up on you. Imagine yourself in service to something higher than yourself and focus on your blessings.

This week begins with a focus on finances for you and quickly moves into your will to succeed in this arena. You will find yourself feeling yourself and gracefully tuning into your fears on Wednesday, yet also feeling like you are running over old ground in your relationships and career when Mercury begins Retrograde. New Year’s for you is a time to have fun, just be aware of a need for containment of  your creative energy!

This week begins with your partner or relationships entwined with your identity and then moves into a focus on how you receive your value from them. Mid-week you may feel expansive and wise, but be aware of the disappointment that comes from attachment to the fruits of your labors. New Years is a time for you to stay home and relax with the one you love, but be aware of projecting onto them what it is actually you that is feeling.

For you, the week begins hiding out and immediately turns into hard work and service. Try to nurture your body. On Wednesday, you will find some abundant blessings and community can come from your values, but disappointment and escape may also arise from your home, your feelings and what you believe as Venus your 4th and 9th lord moves into your 12th house of loss. New Year’s brings for you a heightened sense of will to do what’s hard, which is *hint* related to feeling your emotions and being vulnerable.

This week begins joy with community and quickly moves into disappointment and escape and inimical issues with groups of people stemming from your willfulness. Your 4th lord of home and 7th lord of relationships is about to turn retrograde, so expect to revisit some themes around communication, particularly as it moves through your career and status. Wednesday will bring some creativity and playfulness right to your persona and the New Year will begin with perhaps a financial boon. Be aware that it may not be as grand as it first appears!

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