From Responsibility to Redemption

“This week in the Stars for all 12 Rising Signs”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

Nov 28th – 4th December, 2022” 

The week begins on Monday with the Moon in Shravana, right in the middle of Capricorn. Shravana is a nakshatra that teaches us to listen, particularly beneath the surface or beyond the obvious. Both this star and the following, Dhanistha, are excellent placements for mantra and music (Dhanistha is symbolized by a drum and is the “steady sound”). The Moon is moving into the space that Saturn is occupying here and will be exact by Monday evening (8pm HT, 10 pm PDT).

This can bring extra stress, tension and pressure as well the accompanying sadness and loneliness these feelings can bring. As we move through the week, expect the energy to lighten and even to feel inspired and aligned with grace by December 1st (Thursday) as the Moon joins Jupiter, direct in Pisces on Jupiter’s own day:) December 2nd, Mercury will move into Sagittarius, offering us a more philosophical rather than emotional way of communicating. Enjoy this peace, inspiration and expansion over the weekend as when we start next week, we may feel some agitation with the Moon joining Rahu in Aries and then Mars in Taurus!

Here’s the breakdown for all 12 Signs!

For you Aries the week is beginning with your heart in your work and the pressure you feel here to achieve your highest ambitions. With your ruler retrograde in the 2nd, you are internally focused on money and your personal value but externally trying to manage the chaos in relationships has been taxing you. The weekend will bring you a desire to escape reality… keep it wise!

Taurus the week is beginning with your heart connected to your highest truth and teachings. This is a great time to utilize any resources or teachers you have, as your ruling planet (Venus) in the 7th house of relationships and the 7th lord retrograde (Mars) in your 1st house has certainly been putting the focus on you and others! Allow wisdom to guide you here. Work and responsibilities will take center stage much of the week and on the weekend, connect with your community! Remember your blessings as the beginning of next week, may get intense!

Gemini, for you the period from the New Moon until Monday has been a bit tumultuous as the Moon has traversed two difficult houses, the 6th house of hard work and service (which is the cycle you have entered for this Moon) and the 7th house of relationships and now starting out your 8th house of sudden unexpected events. You might feel like you are mitigating disaster, but Tuesday into the weekend will be much stronger focus on your impact in the outer world through teachings and career. Enjoy the blessings particularly how your relationships flourish through career this weekend. Next week things may get a bit more dramatic!

For you Cancer, you have just set off a new cycle on children, creativity and what you love. The week begins with focus on your relationships to others, and how committed you feel to them right now, and then moves into your 8th house, where those relationships keep you on your toes!  By the weekend, you will be feeling the truth of things and a lot of grace and inspiration in how you serve. Next week, you will likely be making bold moves in the outer world; really soaking up the wisdom surrounding you over the weekend will greatly benefit anything you do going forward.

Leo, this New Moon really set off a cycle of home, vehicles and peace in the heart for you. As the week moves forward you will find you have to deal with some of the hard work of compromising with others. When Mercury moves into your 5th house on December 2, you will find that connecting to what you love (and any children if you have them) will help bring you both community and value. While you may find yourself disappointed by others, imagine that they also have a different set of needs, ideals and agenda for life than you and you have to respect that. With Mars long transit in your 10th you are going back over old ground with your responsibilities and re-learning how working can bring you closer to both your purpose and your peace.

This is the cycle of effort, Virgo, and having to learn new skills. The week begins with you committed to what you love, but also feeling the pressure from it. As you move through the week, you will find yourself in service to that, but the weekend will bring big relief and quite a lot of grace in your relationships! Enjoy your well-deserved blessings!  As your ruling planet is moving into the 4th on Tuesday, you will also really find your energy focus on home, and finding peace in the next few weeks.

Libra for you the Moon is beginning the week in your house of home, joined Saturn. You might find yourself home alone, or wishing you were! This is the cycle of value for you, so much of your energy is focused on your finances and also your values. Expect some disappointment through your efforts when Mercury transits into Sagittarius on the 2nd, but also know it is bringing you closer to your dharma. While for most the Weekend is the blessing as the Moon joins Jupiter, for you it may be a time to amp up your hard work, particularly as it relates to your actual work (career).

Oh Scorpio, this is a period where it can feel like a lot on the front end, and as the Moon moves into your 4th house on Tuesday, you may just want to stay home. The 2nd will also mark Mercury, your 8th and 11th lord that brings sudden unexpected changes and community moving into your house of money and values. The weekend will be blissful with what you love (your children if you have them). Honor what you need and soak up the blessings while you feel them, as you are going to be facing a lot of perceived hard work and stress with others next week!

For you, this week week begins with a focus on your values and money…expect the unexpected! As the cycle set off on the New Moon is one of confusion and escape, it can be hard to keep your focus but Mercury moving into your 1st house on the 2nd will be a huge awakening for both your relationships and your career as they move out of the zone of delusion and become very much present and accounted for in your life again! This weekend will be a great time to cozy up at home and enjoy your blessings.

Capricorn, the weeks begins with the Moon in the first house and your relationships right on your identity, joined, your ruling planet! You and others is definitely the beginning theme, but as we move into Tuesday, you will focus a bit more on your value and values and how you experience your relationships through that lens. When Mercury moves into your 12th house on Dec 2nd, you may find that you are experiencing your truth through your confusion but it can also be the thing that negates a lot of the hard work you have! The weekend you may feel like you are the one pushing your relationships through, which is true, but there will also be some divine grace as Jupiter joins the Moon here. The key is to surrender the outcome, if not, you will find yourself disappointed.

The week begins with you a little checked out and avoiding responsibility. As the Moon moves into your 1st house on Tuesday, you will suddenly “wake up” to all the work you have to do! This weekend will be a focus on your value and money and blessings through community and service can really abound. The overall cycle beginning for you on this past New Moon was one of Career, and Mars, the ruler of this is retrograde in your 4th house of home, so perhaps you are revisiting the ways what you do does or does not feel good in your heart? Perhaps you are revisiting working from home?

Pisces, for you the Moon is transiting through your houses of community, into your house of escape and disappointment, into your 1st house this week, so expect quite a span of experience! The Moon is the ruler of what you love and children and so it may begin with feeling of connection through groups of people and end with having what you love right in front of you, but there is also a period of letting go. This cycle is one of dharma and purpose for you, so allow your deep well of wisdom to help you find that fine line between loss and surrender and like true fish, swim it!

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