The Other Side of Anger is Peace

“This week in the Stars for all 12 Rising Signs”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

5th – 11th December, 2022” 

This week begins with the Moon passing Rahu the North node in exact conjunction in the star of Bharani in Aries. Bharani is about creativity/sex, life and death and the north node promotes confusion and anger about that confusion. This can also bring incredible insights on new pathways of karma you are opening, if you can remain centered. If possible, take some time to sit with your feelings and perhaps the portal from where they first emerged and how they relate to your deeper fears around control and death. Maybe even write it out before speaking to others! Venus has also now moved into Sagittarius, bringing our relationships to join our communication into the realm of beliefs and ideals. While this may sound uplifting, it can also be a recipe for bypassing ourselves and others, so don’t forget to tap under the surface of your beliefs!

When the Moon moves into Krittika, we will likely feel the urge to cut-off anything that doesn’t serve our inner peace but also the capacity to really “see” the truth of what illusions we have been praying to. The Taurus portion of this star, is where the Moon is in her most exalted state, and will bring more calm, peace and grounding to our psyche, despite moving into the space of the sky Mars is currently residing.

Our full Moon is on Wednesday, December 7th and brings the Moon is exact conjunction with Mars Retrograde in Rohini, right across from our Sun in Jyestha. Rohini is the ripe, red maiden and Jyestha is the eldest sister, right across the way. This can be a time that raises competition and jealousy, as well as anger over how women are objectified. As the Moon moves into Gemini, for the weekend, we might go beyond our values and what is comfortable. Be mindful of the stories you create in your mind, and try to focus on creating understanding and learning new skills from an objective state of mind. Sunday will bring us into our feelings with the Moon in her own sign of Cancer, with a sweet dristhi from Jupiter in Pisces, giving us inspiration connectivity and innate wisdom.

Aries, for you this week begins with the Moon joining the north node on your Lagna, so you might find that you are really wearing your heart on your sleeve and it could get pretty fiery and explosive. Use any and all techniques and practices you have to bring yourself back to calm and center! As you move through the week, the focus will shift to your finances and values and what you can do to up level your skill set, but you will still feel your emotions very close to your person as your ruling planet is joining the Moon for this Full Moon. By Sunday, you will be ready for some much-needed peace and rest at home.

Taurus, this week begins with the Moon joining Rahu in your 12th house of illusion and disappointment, and peaks in the middle with the Full Moon right on your rising sign, joining Mars, your planet of Relationships. Your ruling planet is also joining your 2nd and 5th lord in the 8th, while your 7th lord Mars is still retrograde in your 1st, so fears and fantasies, romance and sex can take over your mind. Emotions can also run high if you let them. Tune into your generally peaceable nature and do the things you do that keep you grounded. Grow, Cook, Eat, Take baths, Stay in your Body and allow yourself to responsibly share what comes up for you with others, but take the time to sit with it first. Finding Peace in your heart is essential right now, and it is not actually other people that give this to you. It is you honoring your own feelings and staying with them, regardless of what is happening around you. As the week progresses towards end, you will be focused on your values and money and finally to the inspiration you need to move beyond what is comfortable to the next level.

Gemini, for you, this week begins with a hyper-focus on community and the bigger picture and ends with the personal, as the Moon moves into your first house after the Full Moon. Since the Full Moon is happening in your 12th house, be mindful of the illusions (and delusions) you hold around society and its ills, as Mars is joining this Moon as your 6th and 11th lord. You may feel a lot of disappointment in how your values are perceived to be unmatched to what you are seeing play out in greater society, but much of this is actually from deep in your own subconscious. With your ruling planet and 5th and 12th lord in your 7th right now, you are projecting quite a bit on others, and perhaps making assumptions based on old beliefs as well. Take some time in meditation and try to find the root of your opinions.

Cancer, this week begins with an exaggerated feeling of how much responsibility you hold and a lot of illusions around that as the Moon, your ruling planet joins Rahu in the 10th house. The Full Moon is happening in your 11th house of community and highest ambitions, so this will reflect back to you how you can take those responsibilities and shift them to make a greater societal impact. The weekend may bring some feelings of disappointment, as the Moon transits into your 12th house of illusion and disappointment. Don’t be surprised if you feel like escaping. Don’t worry, you will feel more yourself by Sunday as the Moon comes home into your first house, where your feeling nature and identity will be connected as one.

Leo, for you this week begins with a flash of inspiration and wisdom and moves into a Full Moon in your 10th house of Career and responsibility. This will reflect the ways in which you have been prioritizing peace over work and how the one actually facilitates the other. The work you do in the outside world upholds your peace and without a peaceful home base, it can be difficult to be centered enough to take care of what you need to. As the Moon traverses into Gemini for the weekend, expect to spend more time in community and also becoming aware of the ways in which groups of people can drain your energy if they are not working towards your highest ambitions for society at large.

For you, Virgo, the week begins with a lot of chaos and the need to face some new fears around control and lack thereof. The Full Moon, however, will be in your 9th house of wisdom, truth and higher teachings, so the reflection is to allow room for faith as well as effort. The weekend will bring you back into your sense of responsibility. Since your ruling planet is in the 4th right now, home is very “up” for you and the inherent relationship with how you make your way in the world. Notice that you need one to have the other:) As you move into Sunday, you will find yourself wanting to get out an about and mingle.

Libra the week begins with a super focus on your relationships, especially as they relate to your work. Your ruling planet has also just moved into the 3rd, so you are going to be more willful in everything you do. Be mindful not to hyper focus on the emotions, or what you need to “get” from others. As the Full Moon is happening in your 8th house, you should definitely expect the unexpected. The cycle for you has been one of security and finances, and this is going to shine light on that which you do not have control over! If you focus on the transformation, as opposed to the results, you will find much more ease and grace. The week ends with a highlight on wisdom, teachings and your beliefs and seeing your responsibility through that lens.

For you, Scorpio, this cycle has been all about you and others, with the emphasis on yourself. Now you get to experience the reflection of your partner or others and finding some wisdom in compromise and harmonizing with another. What do you have to learn from the person in front of you? The week begins with the hard work and service you feel like you are constantly navigating, and moves into your house of Relationships for the Full Moon, with the Moon joining your ruling planet in exact degrees. Things may get a little wild as you move into the weekend, and you might be forced to transform, along with your beliefs. As you move into the next cycle of money and finance, finding ways to let go of control is going to be instrumental. Your value is not in your diabolical controlling power, it is in that which inspires you and your creative energy.

This week, begins for you Sagittarius, with the Moon in your 5th house of children and creativity and the ruling planet of your 7th and 10th houses being joined by your 6th and 11th lord on your rising sign. You are beginning with a full house! Focusing on what you love and allowing your relationships and career to support you are key right now. Don’t be surprised if you also find yourself mired in some kind of stress from your community or society at large. This Full Moon is a reflection of the hard work and inimical energy you feel from groups of people and the loss you experience in wasting your time on those who don’t have aligned beliefs. As you move into the weekend, the focus will shift to just your real one on one relationships and how just bringing yourself into harmony with one other person can transform you.

Capricorn, this week is starting off with the focus heavily on the home, and through that experiencing your relationships. Be mindful not to exaggerate the emotions of your partner or others and to focus instead on your own inner peace. With your yoga karaka planet, Venus moving into your 12th house, you may feel disappointment and loss around your creativity and career/status/recognition in the next few weeks. Allow yourself to sit with feelings of loss and find surrender. This is also a time to surrender beliefs and allow life to take its course. The Moon will be full in your 5th house of children and creativity, highlighting the apex of the cycle of community and highest ambitions. With your 4th lord joined the Moon, your 7th lord, you will find your that through what you love and create you find connection, and peace.

This week is beginning with a lot of will determination for you, Aquarius, as your 6th lord, the Moon joins Rahu in the 3rd. Mind your emotions, as you might create undue stress and work for yourself, as well as some enemies! The Moon will be full in your 4th house of home, mother and peace, and joined your 10th lord of Career and status/recognition. Since Mars is still Retrograde, best to just ruminate on how through your home (or inner peace) you can meet your external responsibilities. Your planet of both home and dharma is moving into the 11th, joining your 5th and 8th lord, so you can also expect to get moved more into the public eye, particularly relating to your creativity or children, whether you are ready or not!

The week begins with a focus on money and value for you Pisces, and moves into the Full Moon in your house of will and ego joined your 9th lord. Be careful of being too bullish, as you might cause yourself more work in the end! This is a reflection point in a cycle of faith and inspiration, where you remember what you must also do with your own two hands. When the weekend comes, stay home and find peace. With Venus just moved into your 10th, and joining Mercury, you will have plenty of work to do in the coming weeks!

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