Virgo Ascendant and Moon Forecast for July 2021

This July, on professional front, you are would be required to utilize a lot of creativity. Communication, messaging, marketing and PR is very important at this time. Taking help of technology, internet and increasing your skills in these areas will do wonders in bringing you success in career.

Your love life could be a little confusing at the time. On one side, there is a lot of passion and friendship with your love interest, but you may also feel restricted, there could be obstacles in communication leading to some misunderstandings. The key to improving this situation with these planetary transits is to listen and improve your communication. Talk to your partner, your family, and remain open to take their advice.

When it comes to family, there could be some issues there right now. Some arguments or disputes could arise, especially with your mother. Once again, the key is communication and thinking of your family members as your friends & well-wishers, not your enemies. Being critical of them at this time will only worsen the situation.

On personal level, it is a good time for you to increase your knowledge, and find guidance. With Mercury being in your 9th House with Rahu, you can find a teacher on the internet or choose a higher learning course in technology or delivered online. Doing so, will help you increase your wealth and your income in the future.

In terms of health, you have to take extra care of eating organic, and sattvik foods at this time. Choose Vegan if you can. With Saturn & Jupiter, 2 heavy and slow planets, retrograde in houses related to your digestion, it is best to eat healthy, fiber rich, light foods right now, as your digestion is going to be slow and erratic. Doing Yoga will also help in improving your digestion and staying healthy this month.


  1. Get your hair styled, make sure your hair is clean and well kept. 

  2. Work on your communication, especially with friends and family. Work on solving any issues by dialogue instead of arguments.

  3. Eat Organic and Sattvik food this month, choose vegan or vegetarian foods that are healthy, light and fiber rich.

  4. Take up some skill upgradation courses or higher learning courses online this month, it will help in increasing your wealth & income. 5) Drinking Green Tea will be lucky for you this month.
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