Aquarius Ascendant and Moon Forecast for July 2021

July is going to be a good month for you in terms of your love life. After July 7th, your relationship will be stronger. There will be a transformation in your relationship. You might even think of taking the relationship to the next level, and plan for your future. You will get to learn a lot about each other this month, and your confidence will increase with your love interest. You would be inclined to have many intellectual discussions with your loved one this month.

Lately, you may have been worried about your family and your home. Your mother might have caused you some confusion and family would have been hard to handle. All of this should gradually ease up as the month progresses. Especially July 17th onwards, you will feel at peace. You should be able to get some luxury and relief, as Venus will aspect your sign later this month. This will bring you some peace and relief from your family and your partner. 

When it comes to work, it has kept you frustrated, and drained for past many months. In the beginning of this month if you had to travel for work or initiate any conversations, you have had to face many obstacles, breaks and problems in that as well. Later this month you will feel rejuvenated, and full of energy. You may need to help your partner or spouse a lot in the latter half of this month. Be patient, your support to your partner right now will bring you many good results later, so be supportive to them without losing patience.

You could also be very passionate about a new subject of study this month, and if you do decide to learn it you will be very successful in studies. Whether you choose a formal learning mode or whether you learn by experience, this month, your management skills will get you a lot of appreciation.

With Saturn retrograde in your 12th house, you need to continue focusing on your mental peace and health for a few more months. You need to worry less and meditate more. Going for walks and taking care of your feet will help relieve your anxiety. Some physical exertion is also necessary for you this month, so exercise or yoga will help this month.


  1. Light incense sticks at home. If you have faith, you can also pray with these. With Rahu in 4th H, this can be done the entire year for removing negativity from your home.

  2. Eat yellow Rice and yogurt whenever you can to increase your wealth this month.

  3. Volunteer or donate for stray dogs. 

  4. Use a woody fragranced room spray, like Sandalwood before going to bed to sleep easily.

  5. Read and learn about any subject you are passionate about this month.
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