Pisces Ascendant and Moon Forecast for July 2021

This is a good time for you to go for traveling long distance. You can go for some new cultural experiences, and learn new things. It is also a good time for you to expand your writing or language skills. If you are already into such a profession your creative juices could be flowing, and you should make good use of this time to use creativity to your benefit.

On professional front, you could be working online or on overseas project. Your workload could be exhausting for you, and you might even lose some sleep because of it. Chanting or meditating before going to bed will help you. The work stress should ease up in August.

In love life, things will be passionate for you. There is a lot of romance, and at the same time many emotions in your relationship. You are receiving a lot of limelight and attention. Your friends however, might have something to tell you, they might ask you to take things slowly if you are in a new relationship, you should at least listen to what they have to say.

 Your expenses are also rising in this month. You could be spending a lot on your entertainment, and fun. That is alright, just make sure you don’t overindulge and dry up your savings. You should be making budgets and be spending accordingly, because with Venus in 5th house you are inclined to spend on luxuries currently and that can dry up your savings pretty quick.

If you are married, now is not the time for serious things. The time asks you to keep it light and fun with your spouse. Go for a trip, experience new things, tell each other jokes, laugh and have fun. Delving into serious things right now, can cause some arguments, so it is best to delay any such discussions until after July 7th.

 On spiritual front, this is a really good month for you to do your spiritual practices, meditate, chant or simply pray at night. This is a very good time to stay connected to the energies of universe.


  1. Go for an exotic cultural experience with your spouse this month. Travel.

  2. Listen to your friends, their advice might seem limiting or old-fashioned but hear them out.

  3. Light a diya or candle at home, daily.

  4. Spend wisely on entertainment. Make a budget for yourself. 

  5. If you get a chance to join any family events or volunteer organization, help in food distribution.
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