Libra Ascendant and Moon Forecast for July 2021

This is a really good month for you in terms of work. There could be some new project or renewal of some old project. Some new sources of income can open up for you. Especially on and after 9th July you will see good profitable opportunities at work. You might feel some friction due to your partners this month, but they have good advice for you, so try to keep a balance with them.

Being honest and making sure you are not keeping any secrets, especially in your relationships at this time will be a good policy to keep for you. If you are dating, things could be confusing right now. You could be facing some troubles & worries regarding your relationship. Make sure you are communicating with your love interest. Communicating clearly can remove a lot of confusion.

Those who have been in long term relationships and those looking to get engaged or married, it is a very favorable time for officiating ceremonies and events. If you are thinking of proposing to someone, this can be a great time.

 Those who are married, your spouse may have some complaints from you in the beginning of the month but as the month progresses things will get positive again.

Be a good listener at home, you could be neglecting things at home, and as the month progresses your attention would be brought towards things that need to be done. If you have help or employees or elders at home, take out some time to sit with them and hear if they have anything to share. 

This is also a good time for you to reconnect with your old groups from school, so joining a school alumni meet can be beneficial.


  1. Reading & buying poetry books this month will be lucky for you.

  2. Gift red flowers to your spouse or partner. You can also keep a red flower at your workplace.

  3. Be a good listener, your family, elders or employees might want to share some concerns with you, take some time for them.

  4. Don’t keep secrets when it comes to your love life & partnerships.

  5. Do a deep clean of your home this month, take out any unwanted old things.
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