Libra; Chitra, Swati and Vishaka Nakshatra Forecast

At work there may be the birth of new networks and fruition of desires for you. You need to make sure you let the information flow to rise in social circles. You might be feeling a lot of friction and slow down at work recently, but this month brings a lot of positive energy to grow and the much needed confidence boost, make the best of it.

A lot of meetings and getaways are on your mind, business meetings, dates, or getaways with your love interest, you name it. You may choose to see the pros and cons when you set these up, but later ego, pride or responsibilities may become a hindrance. Don’t over-analyze, take a leap. Ensure win-win situations for all parties involved, be a bigger person to get the best out of these engagements. Choosing to take a deep breath, and observing situations with a calm mind will go a long way this month.

Take special care of not being overly critical of your partner this month, they are already feeling in the woods. This is the time to have an adventure. Even in business, you may want to make unconventional choices. Speaking of woods, a date night in nature settings may be ideal, surprise your partner, go on unconventional dates, go camping or hiking, and be spontaneous.

This month divine grace is with you. You would find great advisors among your loved ones, followers and even children, keep yourself open to listening, their advice might be highly profitable for you, literally. If you are thinking about marriage or making long-term commitments, it is a great time for that as well.

After May 10th, if you have recently moved on from something or someone, it’s time to let go and heal. For those in relationships, you may feel a much deeper love and connection to the one you love, but make time for some self love too. There may be some dissatisfaction in your finances as well, remember to be grateful for what you have in the times of pandemic.

Towards the end of May, many reversals, re-visits and returns are to be expected. Be mindful of who you let back into your life, and who you burn bridges with.

After 23rd May, on one hand, the long dry spell will break, and you will want to indulge in good food, wine, and socialising, however take care of your health as you do it.

In terms of relationships, many new opportunities will spring up, but remember all that shines is not gold, make wise choices when it comes to temptation. Control your secrets, stay safe from the virus, and choose organic foods over junk / experimental.

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