Scorpio Ascendant and Moon Forecast for May / June 2021

Vishaka, Anuradha & Jyestha Nakshatra

Currently there are two very distinct kinds of Scorpio natives around. The spiritual ones, feeling super confident & the angry, disappointed ones.

Let me explain, with the current transits, you may be feeling stuck or in a dungeon. You may be feeling forced to do stuff that makes you uneasy. Communication, entertainment, paperwork, not your cup of tea. But by grace of Jupiter, with wisdom & grace of counselors you can come out of this phase, transformed beneficially.

There is a lot of scary information around, regarding the results of recent super moon, which took place in your twelfth House. But according to my analysis there is nothing to worry, IF you are leaning to spirituality & keeping wise advisors around. These transits are basically asking you to upskill, spend on learning, spend on educating yourself, pay for partnerships & pay your counsellors or Gurus. Doing these things will make your Jupiter stronger, & bring more money as well as luck in love life. For those, with no spiritual bent or spiritual advisors or counselors, this transit can become tough, as you might feel lost, & have too many expenses.

There may be some friction with siblings, you need to understand that they are struggling too. So, be patient with them. Give them a boost & motivate them, they need it.

Those who wanted to travel, might be facing obstructions. This should improve after May.

Your intuition is heightened this year, if Ketu is not well placed in your chart you might have anxiety issues & feel a lack in your personality. Go for long wandering walks. If you are under lockdown pacing at home would also be helpful in thinking clearly.

Scorpions are infamous for the way they fight back, & this time be mindful of your tendency. Pick your fights wisely, you may feel you must attack but I advise you to second guess whenever you want to show aggression. Specifically, in terms of your work communication. You might earn yourself many opponents & competition. At the work front, there are new beginnings. You need to set up & follow processes. Follow the rules to make the best of this time, & defeat competition.

There are chances of your internet or social presence improving significantly, especially towards the end of the month through partnerships, beauty & love due to Venus Rahu Conjunction. Towards the end of this month, wealth manifestation practices can also bring results. You may witness women being bothered by unruly elements on the internet, make sure you speak up against it.

Nakshatra Specific:


Be unconventional. Show your passion. There may be some obstacles for you at the beginning of the month especially at work, follow the rules, & processes, you should be fine. Your advisors are your best friends right now. Focus on learning. Your siblings may be struggling, support them. On the love front, things may be more conducive mid-month.


You are going to make great strides socially & on the internet. It is a great month for you, your patience will be rewarded, just be wary of being overly critical of others. Focus on your well being, & keeping appearances. Towards the end of the month, there will be a good renewal in luck for you.


Things are tough for you till mid may. Persevere. You may be facing obstacles in communication & on social media. Your partners might be causing trouble. Obstacles should decrease after mid-may. Reach out to advisors, spend time on spirituality. Feeding &  rescuing dogs will bring you luck.

Tips for May:

  1. Spend time near clean running water, as much as possible. If you live in a dry area, watch relaxing videos of rivers flowing in the jungles.

  2. Share Banana or Mango based dishes with your friends & family.

  3. Follow rules & processes. This will help in beating competition & obstructions.

  4. Respect & give gifts to counselors or Gurus right now. If you don’t have one, speaking to a counselor or advisor will be beneficial for you.

  5. Stay vigilant on the internet, & support/protect women facing any harrassment.

  6. Manage your anger, discuss with your advisor before acting on an impulse to retaliate.

  7. Unplanned long walks are good for you right now, if under lockdown, pace around at home.

  8. Be patient with your siblings & neighbours. Motivate & support them.
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