Aries Ascendant and Moon Forecast for May / June 2021

Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika Nakshatra

Aries Natives, these are some really good months for you. You started the month with so many planets just where they should be. You are feeling confident about your personality & finances. You are using your knowledge to your benefit, you are showing courage & taking initiatives, what more could we ask?

Right now you have a lot to talk about, you are impressing everyone with your sweet, authoritative, and clever speech. There is also a possibility that you feel your family is asking for too much, be careful in your choice of words if you do choose to say something about it.

You may also be craving for different kinds of foods & beverages currently. Enjoy, & share, just make sure you are sharing with family and also burning those calories you are collecting.

2nd June onwards, you may feel a lot of frustration & anxiety. Channeling any pent up energy into work or physical labor at home will be helpful.

With Ketu transiting in your 8th, this year you are supposed to learn to let go of deep seated resentments. Make sure you take up some meditation practices to heal & let go of any past blockages.

On a professional level, you are getting a lot of hints to learn some things, to listen to some advice, and trust me you have no choice. With Saturn retrograding, and remaining in the same nakshatra for months, you do have to take that course, lecture or whatever advice you are ignoring. It is necessary for your growth. Jupiter’s transit is only doubly emphasising this for you. You need to connect to knowledge networks, find groups where wisdom is shared.

You have had love on your mind, for a while now. You have been appreciating your partner publicly, things have been good. But around the solar eclipse, your partner & your love life in general may experience a rough patch. So, keep in touch with each other’s feelings. Make sure you don’t hurt their ego by your comments.

Nakshatra Specific:

Ashwini Nakshatra

 Although it is difficult for you, at least until June 7th, do not act on impulse. Listen to that voice in the back of your mind asking you to reconsider, that is your Jupiter providing wisdom to Mars, which is currently making you react to every little thing.

Out of all planets, Saturn & Rahu are currently best situated for you, so you need to focus on work & innovative strategies to improve your wealth through your work. Ego clashes are a general issue in your love life Ashwini & more so with current transits, so just show some extra care, & find ways to appreciate each other

Bharani Nakshatra

You are focussed on achievements Bharani and the transits are favouring that as well. Things are good in your love life, & in terms of wealth & income. The few things that can harm right now, are smoking of any kind, alcohol, and talking bad about your work, so avoid all this. For problems at work, right now tipping or helping the blue collar staff at your workplace, will be helpful for you.

Krittika Nakshatra

On the love front, it is really positive for you. Cooking with or for your love interest will be a good thing for you to strengthen the relationship. At work & in terms of savings, as well you will be successful. The one thing, where you may create problems for yourself, is by trying to give advice when others didn’t ask for it.

Especially your siblings, just refrain from trying to guide them if they don’t ask. Cold, milk based drinks are really good for you, so treat yourself with a tall glass of Cold milk tea or coffee as many times you want.


  1. Take up some meditation or practices that promote healing & letting go of long held resentments.

  2. Connect with knowledge networks, or groups where you can learn.

  3. Help the blue collar staff at your workplace, i.e. people who engage in hard manual labour.

  4. In June, you will desperately need to let off some steam. Take up some DIY project, something that needs to be done at home or work from a long time.

  5. Drink Rose based drinks, Rose Sherbat, Rose flavoured milk, or even Rosé wine, unless you are Bharani nakshatra as they need to avoid alcohol.
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