The Power of Perception

“This week in the Stars”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

24th April – 30th April 2023

This week we are still vibrating with the effects of last week’s eclipse and the Sun is almost exact with Rahu, so tread forward as if you are dreaming…in many ways we are not fully planted on the earth plane right now! Moon and Mars are joined in Gemini on the 24th & 25th, and the ruler Mercury is Retrograde, so take a pause before speaking, or pushing “send” and re-read, re-listen and re-mind yourself of clear and responsible communication.

On the 26th, the Moon moves into her own sign of Cancer and we may be feeling all the feels. Allow yourself to flow with what comes up and release it with a sigh. Yes, you have just been through a lot, and so has everyone else. You are allowed to cry. Jupiter has just crossed solidly out of the Gandanta (karmic knot) on this day, and the Sun out of direct contact with Rahu, so you can move forward from a place of clarity and inspiration from here!

On the 29th, the Moon moves into Leo, receiving dristhi from Jupiter and our capacity to act on our truth will be more embodied. The Sun, the ruler of Leo, has moved into Bharani, closely conjunct Mercury. Saturn’s gaze is strong on our Sun now, reminding us that our power is humbly held within us, to serve, not hold over others. We may not feel totally heard, but the power of our perception is immense. Bharani is the portal of life and death that brings up our control (or lack thereof) of our creative and sexual energy, so particularly on the 30th when the Moon is in Purva Phalguni, Venus’ other nakshatra, notice how your capacity to draw bounds around what brings you pleasure and joy is the key to manifesting what you truly desire.

Forecast for all 12 Signs

Wow, what a time to be you! You have 4 planets riding in your first house, on your person and post-eclipse, the lessons are revealing themselves with more clarity. With your 9th and 12th lord, Jupiter on your Ascendant, you feel both the expansion of your wisdom and a deep surrender to making it mean or amount to anything. The Sun, your 5th lord is lighting up your creative energy and the power you receive from that. Mercury is sending you back in time to review how your willful nature creates health issues, inimical energy with others and can put you in debt. With your ruler in the 3rd, it is your ego that has been your worst enemy. Humility is also knowing when to let go and trust that the universe has bigger plans than even you know how to manifest with your own two hands.

This is the last week you will enjoy your ruling planet Venus on your rising sign, helping pull you out of the ethers that having 4 other planets in your 12th house of escape and illusion has been clouding you in. You may feel some disappointment post-eclipse, or maybe you learned how to surrender your attachments to some of what you want so badly: peace, money, creativity, and community, and are allowing the deep lessons of Saturn reminding you that everything comes at a cost to really sink in. Review your finances, spend time with your children and creative energy and allow yourself to keep practicing disciplined communication. You’re doing great!

This week begins with the Moon joined Mars on your Ascendant and your ruling planet retrograde in the 11th house with 3 other planets. Have you learned your lessons yet? Are you still arguing for the sake of being right? To achieve your highest worldly ambition requires you to step out of that massive ego of yours and your power to manifest true legacy indicates that you ask not “how can everyone else change to work for me?”, but rather “how can I change so that I’m not so contentious?”. Allow all that wisdom you hold to transform you instead of everyone else for a change;-)

Cancer this week begins with feelings of loss and disappointment with yourself, your impact in the world and what you love most. On the 26th, you will step back into your own body and own your emotions as well as your choices. Your source of power is your worth, but it is high time you learn it is not your material value that makes you valuable. It is your ability to live within your values and beliefs and reflect that back onto yourself. That you care can be your legacy.
What wisdom you hold that you can share with others?

This week is an interesting one for you, as you shake off the shroud of illusion surrounding your own identity, after having it eclipsed! Where is your place in society, or in your community? What beliefs do you hold true and how have you been embodying them? Is your status and recognition solely based in the beauty and pleasure you create in the here and now, or is there a legacy you wish to leave behind? You may pass through the portal of disappointment and escape but you will also be owning all that is as part of your passage towards truth.

For you, this week holds the remnants of whatever has been shaking you out of your comfort zone and the need to review exactly where you lost control and why? Your reputation, your relationships and your very identity have been up for grabs and you have not been allowed to escape your own part and power, the way you usually do. Sit with your discomfort and feel all the feels. This is what facing fear looks like.

Libra, what you have been going through is not for the faint of heart and I feel compassion for the lessons you are learning right now. With Mercury retrograde, you are needing to review those lessons and what you believe to be true. Experiencing your power in the collective through your individual relationships is both healing and revealing as you find that some people just appreciate your accommodating ways. You were receiving something in return though, most likely being liked and feeling accepted. Now the question is, who’s fault is that and what are you going to do to shift this dynamic?

That eclipse was a doozy for you, dear Scorpio, and you are likely still plowing through the pile of hard work you have built up for yourself! This is where your transformation will occur, if you allow yourself to take the time to listen to others and reflect upon what your highest ambitions truly are and how you give and receive in both interpersonal relationships and in the larger social dynamic. Right now, relationships are relatively peaceful but next week might shake those up too, so for now, focus on yourself and what you love and showing up in service to what you signed up for.

This powerful eclipse really brought home to you the power of your beliefs and how you can learn and share through what you love, your creative energy and embrace both your inner child and actual children. This is where your relationships will flourish, if you are willing to listen to what others have to say. This will also bring you more peace and a sense of home.

Your home life is still rocking with energy from the eclipse this week and you are likely still navigating feelings of being out of control. The Sun is exalted in your 4th, so maintaining your inner and outer peace is your power, and trusting that anything sudden and unexpected is here to help you transform. You may feel some disappointment but notice if you can release attachments to what you want to be and allow things to be as they just are. Right now home is a lot of work, and soon enough creativity/children and your responsibilities will be too, so just take each day one step at a time. You’ve got this!

The nice thing for you is that your ruling planet isn’t moving off your identity any time soon, so relax and enjoy the ride in the most Saturnian way possible, by committing to anything that comes up as a chance to grow who you are as a person. A lot of action in your 3rd house has you up-leveling right and left and it is your career and responsibilities that are activating what you love at the moment. The weekend brings the need to work through some feelings in any relationships, notice if you can shift your attitude to one of service.

This fiery eclipse energy is still reverberating through your 2nd house of money, values and possessions and communication! Through this you are needing to review your one to one relationships and your sense of peace, particularly as it relates to your home environment. What can you do differently to shift the energy? Jupiter’s move into the 2nd is a year long focus on money and your values so getting really in tune with what those are will help you understand how to show up!

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