Shining the Light in our Relationships

“This week in the Stars for all 12 Rising Signs”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

Nov 11- 17th, 2022” 

This week we have Venus, Mercury, Mars and the Sun all changing Signs! New energy abounds, for better or worse! On November 11th, Venus moves from Libra to Scorpio, setting off the mass exodus of all the planets that were joined Ketu, the South Node in Libra for our two eclipses this last month. Venus is moving from her home sign of compromise and harmony into the deep and stormy waters of Scorpio. You may have felt some clarity and ease in your relationships recently, despite all the other external chaos, but expect partners to show their messier sides now.

On November 13th, Mercury joins Venus and Mars Retrogrades back into Taurus, across the way for another 4 months! This will bring us more emotional and controlling communication and a review of the ways in which we fold on self discipline for immediate pleasure. With Mars and Venus in exchange of signs, and right across from each other, we will be learning on our feet the lessons of compromise versus individuation that we walked through in the last month. Don’t be surprised if you and others take a few spills while trying. Just get back up and learn from your mistakes. And don’t forget to forgive others for theirs 😉

Here’s the breakdown for all 12 Signs!

Expect the unexpected when it comes to partners and lovers. You will be moving your feet, but it may not be in harmony with your other. As your ruling planet tracks back into the house of values, you may be questioning your own self-worth. Money may feel like it’s out of your control too; take precautions and you can avoid long-term debts and enemies.

Taurus the theme is relationships for you right now! With your ruling planet in the house of others and the ruler of your 7th house (partners) in your own first house, your identity is very wrapped up in that of your partner or your lack of partner if you don’t have one. Remember the lessons you just learned! You will be running back over old themes with others in the coming months. Slow down and listen so you don’t have to repeat your past mistakes!

Mars is moving from your first house to your 12th house this week, so by surrendering/escaping/letting go you can undo some of the inimical energy you may have been experiencing with society this past month. Your ruling planet, and the lord of your 4th house of home and inner peace (as well as your planet of creativity and your skill) is moving into the 6th house of hard work, enemies, and debts, so this is a good time to show up for the details and take care of what needs to be done.

Your ruling planet is the Moon, and it is always moving through the signs so fast that you hardly have time to ground before you move to the next area of life. This week you are traversing from the 12th house to your 2nd house, so your weekend may start off with you feeling a bit lost and confused and then when everyone else is feeling all the feels, as the Moon moves into its home base, your rising sign, you will feel more in-tune with and focused on your natural *emotional* self. Mid-week, you will feel your value and your power when the Moon transits Leo, your 2nd house. You will also be remembering your responsibilities, creativity, and love of children as Mars moves back into Taurus, your house of community.

For you Leo this week is big, because your ruling planet, the Sun, is changing signs on the 15th! The shift is one from your least powerful state, where you give away your authority to others to a very potent placement where you are able to shine your bright light on what shadows lurk in your heart space. Expect to bring the party with you (it actually moved in before you to set the stage, but you’ll never know the difference) as both Venus and Mercury will be joining here too! Your career, community and your value are joining you in your home, can you find room for them? When in doubt, remember who is King of your Castle.

Virgo, Your willful nature is about to come out, as you move from a place of focusing on your personal value, as well as your finances and possessions. Expect to learn new skills and be focused on what you can make happen in the world, and perhaps even find some challenges around your ideals, beliefs and teachings.  Don’t be surprised if you have some sudden upsets with teachers or counselors. A good practice right now is determining what is actually of “you” and what is coming through you.

This week is huge for you, Libra, as there has been quite a lot of energy on your rising sign, aka yourself and it is moving on out one by one! First, you are shifting your own attention to your values and money, particularly how you can attract other people’s money. Second, you are bringing your wisdom and higher purpose along for the ride. Finally, the blazing Sun of society that has been burning up your ability to make things pleasant is also taking the heat into your house of finances, values and possessions. You may find your tribe through what you value! Your personal relationships, however, may go through some sudden unexpected shifts, at least on an internal level.

This shift will feel momentous to you, Scorpio, as the planets one by one shift from your 12th house of escape, loss and confusion into your 1st house of your identity. There is a mutual exchange between your ruling planet Mars, who is Retrograde, and your 7th lord, Venus in your 1st making relationships one of the most prominent factors right now. Where you have been sleeping, you will have no choice but to wake up. With your 8th, 10th and 11th lords joining expect your fears, careers and community to all also feel prominent to your identity right now. If it feels like a lot is suddenly happening right on your person, its because it is!

You are feeling the shift of your attentions from what is wrong with the collective community to wanting to hide out at home and escape with your partner, if you have one, or your fantasies of one if you don’t. Even your creative energy or children are feeling like a lot of work right now, but it is well-worth your efforts to put some time into what you love. Your inner compass is moving from compromising with others, to facing your fears to your highest beliefs and teachings, so by mid-week you will likely feel some inspiration!

This has been a tough month for you, as Mars, your 4th lord of home, motherhood and inner peace and 11th lord of community has been sticking his foot into your 6th house of hard work, health challenges and service. He’ll be back into your 5th house of children and anything you love like a child on November 13th, so your focus can move back to your creativity, even if is a bit of rewind and inner review. Your 7th lord of partners is moving from the hard work you must do to compromise, to highlighting the relationship itself to being forced to face your own lack of control over others in the course of this next 7 days, so take it one day at a time and stay slow.

Expect to feel a big leap from your 9th house of teachings and beliefs to your 10th house of career and external responsibility. You will bring your inspiration with you, as well as your inner peace, creativity, and partners. Expect to also have to show up for the details and hard work necessary to serve what you love. It is possible you may bring your work home with you, or at least think about it again, as Mars Retrograde is moving back into the 10th, asking you to review what felt good in the past.

Pisces, this is a time where your creativity can blossom as the Moon, your 5th lord moves from the 4th house of a seed planted in your heart, to the 5th house where creation begins, to the 6th house where you need to show up for some actual work. You will also feel a shift from things being largely out of control and chaotic for the past month, to in line with your dharma and beliefs. Stay true to yourself and you will find peace with others regardless of what happens. There is going to be some potential power struggles, unexpected events and the need to learn new skills. Shed the light on what the sources of ill-will with others, health problems or money issues are. Be willing to face your fears and transform. Positive relations, particularly with your partner are what will help you stay in a peaceful place right now.

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