Full Moon in Punarvasu: New Commitments

“Patterns of Growth/Stars this Week”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

16th – 22nd January 2023

We begin this week with a clear drishti from Saturn as he exits Capricorn after 3 long years. He is moving into Aquarius, where we will find ourselves more committed to creating the future we want to live in. With our relationship planet now hemmed between Saturn and the Sun (and quite close to the Sun), He is influenced by a nearby Venus and sending his gaze to her own sign of Libra, so we may find that the commitments we have made in relationships are also about to find some new movement. The planet of our happiness and relationships is also now hemmed between Saturn and the Sun, so it can feel like our joy is being sucked dry by both fear and power struggles. 

The Moon has moved past Ketu but we might still be feeling the sting where we were cut deep in how we connect to others and as she ventures into her point of debilitation in Scorpio before midnight in Hawaii (early Tuesday morning Pacific Time) to remain until the 19th. We may start to feel all those feelings we were removed from over the weekend. With a mutual gaze with the ruler of Scorpio, Mars, who is now direct, we may unleash some of that anger at others. The gaze from Mars is also direct and one-way on a stationed Mercury, moving direct on the 18th, so some pent up aggression may come tumbling out! 

On the 19th & 20th, Mercury and the Moon are joined in Purva Ashada, reminding us that we have an opportunity to plant new seeds of communication practices and water them! In what ways are the words we are speaking to others lacking integrity? Are we “owning” our own experiences, stories and judgements? We may also find insight here into the foundations of our beliefs and new ways of looking at them might begin to sprout. 

The weekend brings us into our New Moon as she joins the Sun and Venus in Capricorn. This is the first New Moon of the 2023 and is an opportunity to ground us in the work we must do to create the life and relationships we want! 

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