Fueling Fire and Learning Peace

“This week in the Stars for all 12 Rising Signs”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

2nd – 8th January 2023

2023 begins with a bang, as we pull out of the illusions and feel our inner fire, with the Moon joining Mars, still Retrograde in its most grounded and peaceful placement of Taurus. This is a great day to get going on those New Year’s resolutions and get on your mat, into the garden or out for a walk. The fiery energy within needs somewhere to land and a gentle but steady and nourishing practice will help bring you back to earth. With Mercury retrograde, and receiving a one-way glare from this Mars, best to practice your listening skills and remain open to different beliefs and ideas. You may feel as though you are not being heard, or that your communication failures are creating problems for you, so take it slow and don’t jump to conclusions.

The Moon moves into Gemini later in the day on the Wednesday, the 4th, and here she will be directly across from its ruler, Mercury. The delayed communication will be heightened but so will the willingness to be flexible, although some anger will still be lurking beneath the surface. The Full Moon on the 6th will highlight the importance of being able to change our minds and go with the flow. It can also bring us to feel scattered and like we are being pulled in many directions. Pranayama can be very helpful, especially counted breathing, alternate nostril breath and bhramari (buzzing bee breath).

The week ends with the Moon home in Cancer on the 7th and 8th with a sweet dristhi (gaze) from Jupiter in his home of Pisces. Emotions and connectivity will bring peace, and Venus across the way in Capricorn, joined Saturn, will offer us a desire to remain humble and committed in our relations. She will be in the star Shravana, “to listen carefully” and is supported by singing, mantra and music.

You start off the week in touch with your feelings, and anger is nothing new to you, so do what you do best and work it out! This is a great week for you to establish new mental exercises and practices as well, perhaps finding a new class or teacher to learn from.

This week is beginning with your heart on your sleeve, and maybe some resentments you have been holding onto with partners/relationships are gurgling beneath the surface. Speak slowly and listen, you might just transform! Grace is on your side, as your ruler has just moved into the 9th house of higher wisdom.

The week begins with you lost in delusions and a little mad about it, but mid-week your emotions will come out and you will be able to re-think your role in the problems that have arisen in your relationships as of late. This will be an ongoing theme for the next few weeks, so find a comfy seat and open your mind and ears.

For you the week begins with a public bent, and indicates a way to find what you love and meet your responsibilities through your highest ambitions. The physical manifestation may not be happening right now, but you can see it and mid-month you will start to find a path forward. You may find yourself checking out mid-week and then coming into your own, gentle, feeling nature by the weekend.

This week is a high focus on your impact in the world and the power and discipline you have to make things happen. Work hard, trust that some of what you are putting effort into will manifest soon and allow yourself the weekend to put your feet up and relax with no hurry.

The week begins with a wake up call to transform your way of walking in the world. You may feel the fire to follow your true path and to offer something to society at large. Mid-week will bring you in tune with external responsibilities you need to do to make that happen, but be aware that your ruling planet just began retrograde, so delays are inevitable and peace can be found in rethinking what you thought you knew. The desire to check out at times can be profound, so allow yourself to take shivasana when necessary.

For you Libra the week begins with a bit of chaos and a desire to create lasting peace. Use your higher wisdom to reflect upon what you have learned and what you can still learn about your place in the world and group dynamics. As the week progresses, you will find that through following your inner truth, the right path will reveal itself, but it may require some stillness and deep listening.

The week starts off receiving wisdom from others and also feeling how much work it can take to be in relation to another being. Mid-week may feel a bit chaotic, and like you are going backwards in term of your finances and communication but as the weekend emerges, you will find peace through teachings and higher wisdom.

This week begins with a need to show up for the hard work and a need to be of service to others. This will help mitigate catastrophe, as well as feelings of loss. Mid-week, you will find yourself transforming through one-to-one relationships and hopefully learning to listen. Relationships and Career have been prominent for the last few weeks, and now with the ruler of the 7th and 10th retrograde in your 1st house, expect to have to run back over everything you just thought you learned.

The week begins with a focus on what you love and how that brings you peace. With Venus in your first, you are going to be bringing attention to your children, creativity and status/reputation for the next few weeks. With your 6th and 8th lords in the 12th, checking out and not showing up can actually help you upend any chaos and hard work that would otherwise come your way, so allow yourself to daydream!

The week starts off with you in touch with your sometimes angry feelings and the inimical energy and hard work they create for you with others and in your career. Sit with that. As mid-week arises, you will be feel your creativity and be willing to work for that, but be aware that you are needing to revisit the way you show up in community and the way in which you receive what you love as well as having to face your fears in group settings. The weekend brings you back into your emotions, but less angry and more able to deal with what feels hard and turn it into service.

The week begins with a focus on what you can do to align your values and your ideals and connection those have to what you love most, children and creativity. As we come into mid-week, you will want to just find peace and enjoy yourself, but old responsibilities and issues with health, wealth and enemies may be coming back to haunt you and your relationships. You also might be finding some transformation is beginning to occur in your community.

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