Dreams from Earth

Perhaps you have not been showing up for yourself as much as you need to? Discipline comes from repetition, so focus on your good habits and there won’t be as much room for what drags you down.

On May 26th, the Moon transits into Leo in the star of the ancestors, and receives dristhi from Jupiter, who is now very close to Rahu. This will increase your visionary capacity particularly to see the future as it relates to the inherited past. Journal your flashes of insight or remembrance from dreams and sit with them before jumping forward to your next steps. You may feel inclined to take the reins but try to check in with others and co-create your collective reality. Humility, commitment and hard work are the key here!

Moon joins Venus in Gemini to bring a flirty & fun vibe to start this New Cycle of Pleasure, Enjoyment & Finances. We may feel stuck in our emotions & our capacity to call to action. Notice your sadness & anger & try to find the root cause.


The week begins with feeling how much work you must put into your relationships & finding peace. Sit with what you bring to the table & perhaps check in with others more along the way. Your discipline is not at its highest right now, but you do have quite a bit of attention on home for the next month, so see if there is some improvements that can be made. For the weekend, wisdom & fun go hand in hand!


The week starts off with a heavy focus on finances & how you can step up your security. It’s no secret you like the creature comforts & nice things, now is a time to focus on creating enough security to ensure you can always provide those things for yourself:) This weekend, stay close to home.


The week begins with the Moon in your first house, joined Venus, giving you extra sentimentality & romanticism on the front end. Notice if the way you bring forth your creativity in the world aligns with your values. Money struggles will be present mid-week, & you will note how hard you have to work to build your bigger vision for the world. This weekend, learn something new!


This week starts off with you in fantasy land, escaping the difficult details of life. Tuesday you will become more present, particularly in regard to your own identity & what you love, as well as your status & recognition in the world. This is a time when you might be feeling a lot of anger, Cancer, notice what you feel & remember that you create your own reality. The weekend gets you in touch with what you value.


This week starts off with you dreaming big in community & with regards to your status & recognition. Mid-week you will find yourself mired in some disappointment around your home & higher purpose. The weekend brings fantasy to reality as the Moon moves into your first house, receiving a gaze from Jupiter, reminding you that what you love also transforms you.


The week begins with a focus on your status & responsibilities & how that relates to your higher purpose & vision for the world. As the week progresses, you may have some unexpected events arise that challenge your ego. The weekend brings you into a desire to escape from the crowds and revel in fantasy.


The week starts off with a focus on your higher purpose & how it relates to your career. Mid-week, you will be really present with your status & capacity to care for your responsibilities, & also how your relationships are so imperative for you to be aligned with your values. The weekend brings you out & about in society.


The week starts off with you facing your fear & transforming your relationships. As the week progresses, you will be particularly focused on your beliefs & perhaps feeling a bit like a victim or servant as a result of them. Can you look at how you create this reality for yourself? The weekend brings you into your responsibilities & how you show up for them.


The week begins with a focus on relationships & how much turmoil can come from them. You are going through a period where you notice the amount of work your relationships & responsibilities require of you. This week might shake you up a little but can help release some of the feelings of victimhood that sometimes arise. The weekend brings you deeper into your beliefs and finding higher purpose and wisdom.


The week starts off with you focused on how much work you must do to accommodate others, your children, creative endeavours & career. Mid-week, you may be particularly focused on your relationships & how they can bring you peace & your bigger vision but how they can also make you angry! Get outside & do some manual work to burn off steam. The weekend brings you into the unexpected.


This week begins with a focus on what you love; children & creativity & how that brings you peace & into your higher purpose. Mid-week there may be some trials & tribulations, particularly related to your career or external responsibilities. This will be a theme for the next month, so try to manage your emotions around it. The weekend brings some time for relating.


This week starts off with a focus on home, what you love & also some unexpected events that may disrupt your peace & flare up your ego. Mid-week is an opportunity to channel your anger into something productive & purposeful. The weekend brings hard work for what you love & some deep insight if you can ground enough to receive it.

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