Clear or Cloudy Vision?

“Stars this Week”

by Alexis Cox (radhahomeyoga)

23th – 29nd January 2023

The week begins with the Moon joining Venus and Saturn, both newly in Aquarius, highlighting how much community and working together matters. Coming in line with what we are committed to, in our relationships, and for the future is necessary. It may also be important to notice what we fear in our vision and in our relations, for if we don’t acknowledge our fears they can turn into impediments. Tuesday will bring new insight and Wednesday and Thursday deeper into our connection to that which is beyond the world of matter and limitation, as the Moon moves into Pisces. See how the fear can dissolve in an expansive sea of possibility, hope and realization.

This can also be a time for meditative and spiritual practices. Friday, the Moon is transiting into Aries, joining the North Node Rahu, so be aware of how peace and wisdom can suddenly turn into an anxious frenzy quickly as your mind gets smoky with confusion and obsession over your emotions. If you established yourself in practices that can help remove the veils of illusion before, you may find that you receive profound intuitions and messages about the future. 

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