In the StarsVenusVenus Moves Into Virgo

Venus Moves Into Virgo

October 23rd - November 17th

Venus is quite particular and unnecessarily fault finding. Take a deep breath, try to go with the flow for the next few weeks, don’t be looking at your lover through a magnifying glass.

That’s never such a romantic angle. Under such stifling conditions romance will be negatively impacted. Be patient, the 17th of November is around the corner, and Venus will then be home in Libra.

Libra is the sign that wants to make the world a more beautiful & harmonious place. Even if it means rolling up the selves and having to dig deep to make the changes yourself.

You will be inspired to make a change for the better. After the 17th of November, it will be time to make our world a little more romantic, a little more beautiful.

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