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Tarot Card to Meditate Upon: Temperance

December 16th - January 13th

Harmoniously in the flow of Divine balance. Gracefully able to balance at all the different energies at play. Walking that middle path. There seems to be special magic in the air.

This magic allow us to do the impossible! Look at the figure of Angel In the card, pouring water at an acute angle. An impossible feat, but carried out with composure and calm. A reminder that we too must not spill or waste. Carry out our commitments with frugality and moderation. We too can act magically, while seeming to do nothing.

Tap into that magic, find that place of inner calm and conviction. Stay in the flow of life. Temperance allows us to do things without losing our personal sense of balance, action without ego.

The essence of the Temperance card, is the art of alchemy, transformation through the combining of energies. This reflection from the Tao Te Ching, resonates with the deeper meaning of the card, “Do nothing, and nothing will be left undone”

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