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Surya in Makara

January 14th, 2022

Surya (Sun) enters Makara (sidereal Capricorn) on 14th Jan 2022. This transit marks a major festival day known as Makar Sankranti (‘Capricorn Ingress’), also known regionally as ‘Pongal’ in South India. This is a festival that honors the Sun, and celebrates its northward movement, considered to make up the more auspicious half of the year.

Surya is considered the king of planets and it indicates life, focus, exposure, and vitality. It also represents the government, soul, and father figure in one’s chart.

Makara is an earthy sign, and Surya is not as strong or comfortable in this sign as Makara is owned by the Surya’s enemy planet – Sani. Surya’s transit in Makara sign will make people work much harder and patience will be needed to accomplish success. During this time, our focus will be on being more practical and working through our responsibilities.

Makara signifies discipline, organization, law and order, orderly function, government, and the position or rank you hold.

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