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Surya in Dhanu

December 16th – Jan 13th

Today Surya (Sun) enters Dhanu, (sidereal Sagittarius), important practical beginnings are traditionally avoided on days of solar ingress.

Surya is our soul, our ego, our individuality and how we project ourselves to others. When Surya transits Dhanu, our attention shifts from the focus being on us to focusing and connecting with others. It’s a time where our interests lie with the world, with cultures, foreign entities, beliefs, and affairs around us.

Surya in Mula Nakshatra – Dec 16th -29th

Mula is representative of the root – getting to the root cause of things. Wherever Surya is placed, it’s like having huge floodlights, or being illuminated wherever it lands. Mula has the power to destroy, which suggests, breaking down old worn-out ideas/ structures and re organizing your routine along new lines. Sudden awakenings or realizations come to light during this transit that leads to transformation. This is an ideal time for planting a new business or studying a new subject.

Surya is position between the twin negative influences of Mars and Saturn through this transit, which means you have to put in extra effort for the roots of anything you are focusing on to blossom. Success is yours for the taking, just need to work extra hard to see fruits of your hard work pay off.

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