In the StarsSunSun in Cancer

Sun in Cancer

16 July 2021

Sun enters sidereal Cancer on 16th July around 5.09pm IST. When the Sun changes sign it wobbles a bit and so do we. Important beginnings are traditionally avoided on Sun transit days.

This transit will bring some major transformations into the lives of Cancer natives.  Sun transiting Cancer may leave many of us more emotional or sensitive than usual. Sensitivity can lead to heightened intuitive level. Shifts in our moods can be seen more so now.

Our energy will be focused on making our homes warm and welcoming to others during this transit period. Old friends and family can make us reminiscent of old times and beholden to our past. Cancer’s symbol, the crab, is a water element and where we have water we have pent up emotions, memories, hurt and in some cases pain. Due to our sensitives, we may indeed see some of this seepage this next upcoming month. It is important now more than ever to ground, regroup and recharge.

The message with this transit is to not forget the importance of self-care. Cancerians love to help others, but the Sun is reminding us to turn that help inwards for self-help. The Sun represents our soul, our consciousness, and our self-identity. You can’t help others if you don’t first help yourself.

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